West Tennessee Congressman “Doesn’t Believe” in Cannabis Legalization

This is the anti cannabis legalization response letter received by a constituent when he wrote his west Tennessee congressman, David Kustoff concerning the issue of cannabis law reform.

“Thank you for contacting me in regards to the Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2017, H.R. 975. As your Representative, it is important for me to understand your ideas and concerns so I may better represent you and the 8th Congressional District of Tennessee. I truly value your views and input, and welcome this opportunity to respond.

As you know, H.R. 975 was introduced by Congressman Dana Rohrbacher (CA-48) on February 7, 2017. This piece of legislation would amend the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) to ensure that the Act’s regulatory controls as well as civil and criminal penalties do not apply to a person who produces, possesses, distributes, or administers marijuana in compliance with state laws. Ultimately, this bill would prevent the federal government from criminally prosecuting individuals and/or businesses who are engaging in state-sanctioned activities specific to the possession, use, production, and distribution of marijuana. The CSA regulates the manufacture, importation, possession, use and distribution of certain regulated substances.  Under the CSA, marijuana has been classified as a Schedule I illegal substance with no federally accepted use, including for medical purposes. You may be interested to know that H.R. 975 has been referred to the House Committees on Judiciary and Energy and Commerce where it awaits further review.

Like you, I believe in federalism and that each state has the right and power to enact its own laws that are not outlined or prohibited by the Federal Government, as dictated by the Tenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

However, I do not believe in the legalization of narcotics. As a former U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee, I believe strongly in enforcing our nation’s drug laws and prosecuting those who break them. As such, while I am not a member of the aforementioned committees, I do look forward to reviewing their findings on H.R. 975. In addition, I will keep your thoughts on this issue in mind should further legislation come to the House floor.

Thank you again for letting me know your views on H.R. 975. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me in my Washington, D.C. office at (202) 225-4714 or visit my website at:

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  • How much money does he have in oil, gas, timber or pharmaceutical stocks? How much has he received from those industries or their lobbyist to vote against the legalization of Cannabis and hemp? He needs to be voted out of office. He certainly does not care about the best interest or well being of the people. Pharmaceutical companies and oil companies are killing us.

  • Congressman David Kustoff is obviously misinformed if he is not aware that cannabis IS medicine …… yet he appears to be unconcerned with voter sentiment, which is aligned with support for future medicinal and recreational use of cannabis. He is covering his a** apparently ….. likely ingratiating himself with those powers which are aligned with federal nonsense and games. Perhaps he’ll not be re-elected if he strays too far from voter sentiment…….

    I’ve written elsewhere on this site concerning the three reports that clearly indicate that cannabis is not a Schedule 1 substance, and that it is medicine and does control epileptic seizures such as Charlolet Figi has, called Dravet’s Syndrome. And may I remind you that when President Nixon saw the report he had commissioned he immediately rejected it, as it could not support the Schedule 1 classification as being correct.

    Yes, Congressman Kustoff is obviously working from another agenda, a more personal agenda……

  • Hopefully congressman Kustoff will attempt to learn more about cannabis and why it should be legal. If he is in a minority position it would suggest he is doing the bidding of others, if I may suggest such a thing. Clearly, if the following is a trend, it could hurt the pharmaceutical companies. The following is from the latest ICAM…….

    “Science/Human: Cannabis is used as a substitute for prescription drugs according to a large survey

    According to an online survey with 2774 participants, who reported having used cannabis at least once in the previous 90 days about a half said that they used cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs. This is the result of research by scientists of the Center for Medical Cannabis Education in Del Mar, Bastyr University Research Institute in Kenmore and the Department of Medical Research, Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy in Seattle, USA.

    A total of 1,248 (46%) respondents reported using cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs. The most common classes of drugs substituted were narcotics/opioids (35.8%), anxiolytics/benzodiazepines (13.6%) and antidepressants (12.7%). A total of 2,473 substitutions were reported or approximately two drug substitutions per substituting respondent. Authors wrote that “these patient-reported outcomes support prior research that individuals are using cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs, particularly, narcotics/opioids, and independent of whether they identify themselves as medical or non-medical users.”

    Corroon JM Jr, Mischley LK, Sexton M. Cannabis as a substitute for prescription drugs – a cross-sectional study. J Pain Res. 2017;10:989-998.

  • Susan, I am hopeful that next year, 2018, will be the year cannabis is accepted not only by the great state of Tennessee but by all America for what it is, one of the oldest and most versatile medicines found in nature. The people have spoken, the results are in. It is only in states such as Tennessee where people have difficulties in thinking and reasoning that resistance to reality is so evident. If only Jesus had mentioned that he had used cannabis, Tennessee would have been the first state to sign up. Or wouldn’t matter maybe, Jesus drank wine but you still can’t buy it here in Morgan County. But what we do have here in the county are the finest roads ever……… we’re so far from the interstate highway there’s no cars around here to tear them up…….. I digress……… For up to date cannabis news please refer to the journal International Association of Cannabinoid Medicines, of Holland I believe.

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