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If you are a registered Davidson County voter, please do the following:

1. Print out this petition and fill out your information. Click here to download the PDF.

2. Sign it, date it, (and get your friends and neighbors to sign on) and mail it to: TN-NORML, P.O. Box 330579, Nashville, TN 37203-0579.

If you are not a registered Davidson County voter, please help sign up voters who are and donate to our organizing effort.

This is a revolutionary effort to de-fund prosecutions of low-level marijuana offenses in Nashville and Davidson County.

We only have until May 18th to collect the 6,877 registered voters needed to have this on the ballot.

25 Responses to Tennessee NORML Home Page

  • How do You sign being in sumner county

  • Marijuana has helped pathe the way to ending my anxiety. It made everyday living for me relaxed and understandable. I guess you could say it helped me find the adult i am now with appreciation for the controversial world of medicine and how we are experimenting with to many chemicals and need to simplify the guessing game of mental health. For these reasons I implore everyone to vote yes for decriminalization of marijuana. If you have a child on medicine, or an elder on Alzheimer’s medication, and or even you are are mental balancing medication of any kind. Then you need to know what the positives of marijuana can do for you and your loved ones.

    • Oh how much I agree with everything in this comment. It’s done the same for me, although, having 7 children I am forced to either resort to zombie inducing state pharmaceuticals cause or just suffer, for fear this wonderfuly ran government of ours would consider me an.unfit mother and (try to) take my kids away. I choose to suffer due go the simple fact I.can’t function on most prescription drugs of any kind. cannabis is a totally different story. Most responsible users are not zoned out rejects of society. But media, propaganda, the government all make it out to be equal to meth, heroine, and whatever else gets grouped in together.

      I am a 30 year old, conservative Christian mother of 7 amazing warriors of God, and I 1,000% believe Gods natural medicine should stop being vilified and be made available to anyone who benefits from it. Genesis 1:11-12.

  • Do something for knoxville tn be great thanks

  • i would sign it
    but i live in shelby country

  • What kind of legislation is on board for ALL of TN and what does it look like as far as passing . From were I sit in dover TN it doesn’t look like it ever has a snowballs chance In phoenix of passing in the bible belt. The Southern states seem like they will be the very last states to legalize and they will do so kicking and dragging their feet the whole way. I actually had a talk with a friend the other day that said it was morally wrong to use cannabis in gods eyes, Thinking like that is what holds back progress in areas like TN.

    • Not engaging your legislators will prolong the inevitable. Please let them know you support cannabis as medicine as well as a basic human right.

    • God made it for us, if we are too stupid to harness the medical miracles that it has proven so many times that it can perform, then we don’t deserve to get well…get out there and let’s make legal a medicine that is ourGOD GIVEN RIGHT TO USE!!!!

  • How do I sign living in clarksville?

  • how do sign it for smith county

  • What can I do? I live in Madison County (Jackson)

  • I would sign and support it. I believe that the powers that be are only against it because of the money they lose . The bribes, the pay offs , the fines and other revenue that is generated for the goverments that control the issue. It absolutely should be legal both recreationally and most definately medically. The general public will benefit with decriminalization and/or legalization. The govermental demographics ie: retired judges( court costs going into the retirement fund) sheriff office fundings, attorney generals office, and such would lose untold revenue with a public issue such as legalization or decriminalization of marijuana.
    So keep up the good work and I will keep doing what I can to keep the issue in the public eye.

  • if we don’t get it in Tennessee and they get it in st Louis my ass is 15 minutes from I-24 west and I be rollin.

    • If “Show Me Cannabis” in MO. gets one of their ballot initiatives passed by voters, then Sikeston is only 120 miles away.

      Any word on state legislature?

  • the paper said Sunset Grille is closed where will the meetings be?

  • I have written every state official I could and the only one who has responded was Lamar Alexander. I want to be more proactive than I am right now, I just don’t really know were to start.

  • I’m in Wilson county and will sign!!!

  • how do we get something going in Jackson-Madison- county.

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