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If you are a registered Davidson County voter, please do the following:

1. Print out this petition and fill out your information. Click here to download the PDF.

2. Sign it, date it, (and get your friends and neighbors to sign on) and mail it to: TN-NORML, P.O. Box 330579, Nashville, TN 37203-0579.

If you are not a registered Davidson County voter, please help sign up voters who are and donate to our organizing effort.

This is a revolutionary effort to de-fund prosecutions of low-level marijuana offenses in Nashville and Davidson County.

We only have until May 18th to collect the 6,877 registered voters needed to have this on the ballot.

4 Responses to Tennessee NORML Home Page

  • How do You sign being in sumner county

  • Marijuana has helped pathe the way to ending my anxiety. It made everyday living for me relaxed and understandable. I guess you could say it helped me find the adult i am now with appreciation for the controversial world of medicine and how we are experimenting with to many chemicals and need to simplify the guessing game of mental health. For these reasons I implore everyone to vote yes for decriminalization of marijuana. If you have a child on medicine, or an elder on Alzheimer’s medication, and or even you are are mental balancing medication of any kind. Then you need to know what the positives of marijuana can do for you and your loved ones.

  • Do something for knoxville tn be great thanks

  • i would sign it
    but i live in shelby country

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