Cannabis Facts

Click on the link below and it will open a PDF of our new 2014 Marijuana Facts Brochure. Please download this and print it out and give it away. Send it in an email or attach to a Facebook post or blog it! Let’s get the facts out.

Marijuana FACTS Summer/Fall 2014

3 Responses to Cannabis Facts

  • Typo on page 11, says “edical” s/b mefical

  • No I mean s/b medical

  • Tennessee needs to legalize I don’t like to take pills at all my doc gave me some to take for my bipolar disorder and depression but all they did to me was make me a zombie so I ask him what about smoking weed he said he could not give me a prescription for it but it would help me more then any pill he could give me I’ve been smoking for about 10 years now my bipolar and depression are in check I’m all ways in a good mood there is nothing wrong with weed it helps more people then you think and I really don’t care if the law says I can smoke it are not I’m going to smoke it its not a drug like they say its a plant you don’t do any thing to it to change it I think the world would be a lot better off if every one just set back and smoked a joint.