WSJ article on Latin American reaction to our elections:

… Another issue of interest south of the border was the move to legalize the recreational use of marijuana by Washington and Colorado states. Growing numbers of Latin American leaders have declared the U.S.-led war on drugs a failure and urged the U.S. to consider steps like legalization.

They include leaders such as Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos, Guatemalan President Otto Pérez, and Uruguay’s President José Mujica.

“What’s the logic in having the army destroy marijuana plantations in Sinaloa, Michoacan and Guerrero, and bust the drug traffickers who send it up to the U.S., when the product is legal as soon as it reaches Denver?” Mr. Castañeda said.

A Mexican think tank last week issued a report that estimated legalization by Colorado and Washington would cost the Mexican cartels as much as $2.8 billion dollars in lost revenue. Most analysts, however, said the measure would have far less impact given that marijuana was still banned at the U.S. federal level.

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