WPost: Share of arrests for marijuana possession has more than tripled since 1991

Possession arrests have tripled since 1991

Possession arrests have tripled since 1991

Hello all,

For anyone with a long enough memory and experience with the Washington Post and cannabis prohibition, the newspaper’s slow evolution (started soon after the death of publisher Katherine Graham in 2001 and was accelerated by change of editor in 2006) from prohibition lapdog to critic, has to recognize this editorial/content change as another major ‘tea leaf’ of once prohibition-friendly institutions no longer uncritically kowtowing to the govt and their agencies anymore in regards to cannabis:


Today, some editors and writers @ WPost are parroting the same arguments NORML and other reform groups have been championing for years, and putting up credible and verifiable information that behooves reformers‚Ķand I say: ‘Welcome to the club. The more, the merrier. The faster cannabis prohibition falls in total!’




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