Why NORMLTN? Let’s Look At Our Mission Statement!

NORMLTN’s core committee will meet today 4/28/13 to discuss ways to strengthen our organization, place skilled members in key positions and how we can more effectively work to recruit talented, responsible and dedicated people like yourselves.

From the mission statement, which is the “why” our organization exists, we get to the “how do we do it” through our 501c3 charter, bylaws, then to questions like, “What are the skills we need to achieve these things?”

That skill search will point us to people with the talent and passion to make things happen. Could that be YOU? We sure hope so.

One of the challenges of being a marijuana activist is staying anonymous while still being effective in helping our organization to change the medical marijuana laws (and then others too, if we do it right!) in TN

Sooooooo in our upcoming June Board Elections, we have the opportunity to look at what needs to be done from here forward, on how to recruit responsible pot-smoking citizens who have the talent and passion NORMLTN needs to be effective and change the laws. Not an easy feat, but anything worthwhile usually requires effort and dedication.

You’re invited to come, bring friends and share in our growth at our next monthly meeting, May 5, 2013, 2 p.m. at the Sunset Grill in Nashville.

TN prisoners busted for pot, those who’ve lost scholarships, jobs and livelihoods all need you and us to grow NORMLTN strong enough to change the attitudes, minds and hearts of those who write the laws so medical marijuana patients are no longer persecuted in this state.


3 Responses to Why NORMLTN? Let’s Look At Our Mission Statement!

  • Nice posting. Thanks for your hard work and volunteerism.

  • I recently moved here from California. I was a prop 19 supporter and activist. I still have my California medical rec. I would love to be involved with TN NORML. I’ve stared a small two plant indoor grow to remind me of cali. Pot not PRISON!

  • Thank you Scott for all of the work you’ve done in the past few
    months to improve the appearance and functionality of the
    NORMLTN website…

    How can I best help to bring Tennessee’s antiquated cannabis laws
    out of the 14th century and into the 21st?

    May MODERN botanical phytochemistry and neuroscience prevail!

    Personally, cannabis ought to be as “legal” as Chamomile,
    Ginkgo Biloba and Saint John’s Wort “health-food herbs” or,
    (at the least), commercially taxed and regulated like alcohol,
    w/ a limited home-grow provision, (i.e. Colorado state’s A64).

    A crude botanical, (all of the above mentioned), IS “Medicine”

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