Who’s The Pusher Now?

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Legalize Marijuana NOW! Stop the hypocrisy of the Federal Government from incarcerating people for fallacious Marijuana laws, while at the same time providing legal protection for deadly pharmaceutical drugs that kill hundreds of thousands of people every year. The Drug Wars are a political joke and have hurt and unnecessarily incarcerated millions of Americans for too long. The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 was a travesty…a mistake…propaganda…Check out my new song..share it…

Who’s The Pusher Now? ©Ellen Bukstel  (co-writers: Nick Annis & Brett Segal) recorded and arranged by my son Brett Segal / and I’m singin’!!  JOIN NORML!! (National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws)


©2012 WRITTEN BY ellen bukstel / nick annis / brett segal VOCALS / ellen bukstel PRODUCING / ARRANGING / ENGINEERING / SOUND DESIGNING / MIXING brett segal GUITARS / BANJO / dan warner DRUMS / brett segal BASS / shawn saul KEYBOARD / alejandro elizondo TROMBONE / jared hall / stephen szabadi TRUMPET / francisco (cisco) dimas CLARINET / SOPRANO SAXOPHONE / dan andrews MASTERING / brett segal RECORDED AT / shack in the back productions / southwest ranches / florida VOICCE OVER / brett segal CD ART & DESIGN / todd segal / ellen bukstel

Who’s The Pusher Now ©2012 Ellen Bukstel (co-writers Nick Annis & Brett Segal)

Back round 1935… Depression ridin high People trying to have some fun… smokin’ dope and opium Government did what they do best… makin’ a mess Made a crime that’s victimless… criminalizing cannibus

And the big drug money machine… sells Oxy and Morphine Legals Drug get us hooked…  a million deaths overlooked  Methadone… Fentynal… Halcion… Phenopbarbitol Let the government take a bow… Who’s the pusher now!

Follow the corporate money trail… while decent people rot in jail  Guarantee full occupancy…  for private prison industry Caught up in a livin’ hell.. with a couple a million prison cells And government hypocracy… payin’ for modern slavery

And the big drug money machine… sells Oxy and Morphine Federal laws still protect… drugs with deadly side affects Percoset… Thorazine… Opiates… Amphetamine Let the government take a bow… Who’s the pusher now!

War on drugs… a political joke… lockin’ us up for smoking dope No reason for doing time… with a punishment …when there aint no crime

No cartels are runnin beer… prohibition made it clear When you turn a market black… it’s hard to turn it back When government gets behind the gun… IRS is never done Our taxes pay the FDA… so the DEA can put us away

And the government drug money machine… runs like its on Dexadrine Politicians legislate… so they can mass incarcerate Look at the human cost… personal rights gettin tossed Let the government take a bow… Who’s the pusher now!


While the big drug money machine… Sells Oxy and Morphine Cannibus guaranteed … harmless as a garden weed When your body gives you pain….smoke some medical Maryjane Let the government take a bow… Let the government take a bow Who’s the pusher now!

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