Web Site Changes for 2015

Since our Facebook page is the primary source of Tennessee NORML events, news and information we will be posting very little here on the website. If anyone want to manage our posts page and give it some life, please contact us using the Contact Us link above. This is a great year and the year that Medical Cannabis is enacted by our 109th legislative session (fingers crossed). If we succeed with Medical then 2016 will be the year to push for legalization and join the states of Colorado, Washington, Alaska & Oregon (not to mention legalization in DC).

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  • not everyone is on Facebook

    • At this time it is the easiest way to reach most supporters. It allows for discussion with like minded individuals and is the most commonly used outlet to garner attention. Please consider checking in to keep up with what you can do to legalize cannabis in TN.

      • I tried to find the site on fb but it said that the page was unavailable I am trying to find a doctor in the area of murfreesburo to recommend me for the medical program I have severe PTSD and my doctor dosent support it I rather smoke something that helps me then take a pill I take enough pill’s and I get drug tested because I go to the pain clinic can you look me up and respond please my name is Janina Burns pick is my face thank you

  • I don’t like or use FB.

  • I don’t use FB.

  • I as well do not like or use Facebook. I lived in Tennessee all my life until I recently moved to Sacramento California 4 years ago. I will be moving back to Tennessee soon which means losing access to safe medicine. Please consider making an Instagram or a MassRoots account to get your word out more & give more cannabis patients access to these events & information.

  • Do you do anything on Instagram? I’m not on Facebook but want to get involved and help push the legalization effort further.

  • I can’t like or comment on posts from your Facebook page. I emailed a few times and never got a response.

  • I pray this passes! I have Sherman’s disease to the spine and cluster migraines! This would be so helpful to use other than the pills they try to put me on and which they don’t even help!!

  • My sister has cancer, they have her on powerful pain meds , chemo and radiation. She does not eat, is there any news about legalizing marijuana medical for cancer in west Tennessee?

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