We Can Change the Law: Referendum on Nashville Marijuana Arrests

There is an effort underway  to get a petition for a Nashville referendum on the next election. That referendum would lower marijuana arrests on the priority list of Metro Police. Since Nashville is a Democratic stronghold with a large music and medical community, our efforts to educate on medical marijuana dovetails nicely in this direction.

If you’re interested in joining in this effort in Nashville, come to our next meeting February 10 at Sunset Grill in Nashville.We  hope to develop and train membership in writing Letters to the Editor, Legislators and taking presentations before civic groups. If you’re ready to change the laws in TN come see the film Feb 9 (see previous blog) and attend our Next NORML monthly meeting, Sunday February 10th.

Remember, our job is to educate people and stimulate the debate in our State!

5 Responses to We Can Change the Law: Referendum on Nashville Marijuana Arrests

  • Marijuana is an easy bust as far as drug busts go, as opposed to crack, meth or coke. Besides, it’s easy money for cops, lawyers and judges and helps keep the incarceration facilities full. This might change when, once a gain, money isn’t the bottom line and goal but rehabilitation is.

  • I not only support the legalization of marijuana for medical use, but for recreational use as well. Why does Tennessee continue to be so backward and complacent in this day and age?

  • I also support the RE-legalization of cannabis for medical use:
    It has the LOWEST toxicity / lethality of ANY medication,(40,000:1 LD-50),
    it supplements the human body’s own endocannabinoid-system, has fewer and less
    severe “side-effects” than the pharmaceuticals shown advertised on TV.

    Whole-plant preparations contain several other beneficial compounds,
    in addition to THC, that work synergistically with it,
    (not found in THC-only preparations, such as the Marinol prescription pill),
    notably cannabidiol, (CBD), which has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic
    properties as well as ability to moderate pure THC’s side-effects,
    (CBD itself is not psychoactive).
    This botanical medication DOES NOT HAVE TO BE “smoked”,
    (Edibles, tinctures, juicing, low-temperature vaporization),
    are far safer “smokeless” forms of administration.

    Am also in favor of its RE-legalization for recreational use by adults,
    as SAFER alternative choice of relaxant for those who wish to avoid the
    far more lethal, disruptive and deleterious effects of alcohol.

    Making marijuana, (arrests), a “lower priority” for Metro Police is a good start,
    however, replacing, (some or ALL), liquor stores with taxed-and-regulated cannabis-only outlets,
    (as outlined in CO and WA states’ recently-passed RE-legalization measures),
    is ultimately, far better for Nashville and Tennessee than the present “Prohibition 2.0”.

  • I lived in TN for 30 years. My wife has many pain issues that doctors there treated with massive chemical concoctions (Synthetic morphine, methadone, Ambient, Percosets, muscle relaxers and others) that caused us many problems in her emotional and physical state.
    We moved to MI and she got her Medical Marijuana card.
    She has dropped many of the poisonous cocktails that TN doctors pushed on her and her quality of life has improved 10 fold since then.
    I am a child of the sixties and smoked copious amounts of weed in my younger years… (Oh that’s right I supposedly have massive brain damage from the weed not to mention enlarged breasts.).
    I have been recognized as the top in my field and called as an expert witness in my field many times, not to mention six figures a year income.. (not bad for brain dead eh?)
    The “Legal Drug Cartel” push their poisonous addictive pills, patches, and injections on the citizens, and children of citizens in TN like over zealous religious fanatics.
    They continue in TN to prosecute, convict, and incarcerate their citizens, ruining families and lives.
    Wake up!
    What is the point if not just for the sake of greed.
    Their arguments are weak and childish and only benefit law enforcement and the “Drug cartels” both legal and outlaw cartels.
    TN legislators have been stuffing their pie holes with way to many prescription drugs and liqueur.
    They have allowed a prescription drug black-market to thrive.
    Black-market pills and patches kill. Can they not see this?
    Alcohol causes violence and also kills.
    When have you ever heard of a person smoking a joint then beating their wife or children unless there was other intoxicants involved such as alcohol, anti-depressants, pain pills etc, involved?
    TN legislators have chosen a path of ignorance and greed to guide them as opposed to intelligent. informed, and common sense decision making.
    I feel sorry for everyone still suffering under the oppressive, government of TN,
    My prayers are with you.
    J. M. C.

  • Thankfully our fellow reformers in Texas have given us a template on how to contact legislators in a respectful and informative way. It’s on our list for actions this year in addition to a referendum to lower pot busts on the Metro Police priority list. Come to our monthly meetings if you can, or keep reading this site for updates. We must gather, plan and act together for reform.

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