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“Unfortunately, the Davidson County defunding referendum came up just short today. Like two of the groups that succeeded today, however, that just means we will try again next time.

We encountered several good kinds of obstacles throughout this effort. Most importantly, because every single mayoral candidate expressed his or her support for this referendum early on, many believed that it was unnecessary because our next mayor will pursue this policy anyway. We are proud to have won the argument, and we look forward to our continuing work ahead. Thank you to all of the supporters and organizers who got us so close to making Nashville a model for every city in the nation.

Facebook quote from Marie Neal and echoed by the NORML Tennessee Board of Directors!

“Street Team: Although the signatures were a little short, the work you put-in paid off. Numerous positive news stories both in print and on TV, as well as increased awareness through social media. The dollar value of that coverage is significant. Your efforts and advocacy got people talking and the cannabis topic introduced to new individuals who may not have heard the benefits of marijuana otherwise. The more this happens, the easier it will be to get legislation passed. You are making a difference and one day can look back and can say your contributions were part of this historic movement. Well done and thank you!”

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  • How do You sign being in sumner county

    • You don’t. This would have to happen in your county in order for you to vote on it.

      • how do you start one for a different county then this shold be legalized for all the state not just certain places.

  • Marijuana has helped pathe the way to ending my anxiety. It made everyday living for me relaxed and understandable. I guess you could say it helped me find the adult i am now with appreciation for the controversial world of medicine and how we are experimenting with to many chemicals and need to simplify the guessing game of mental health. For these reasons I implore everyone to vote yes for decriminalization of marijuana. If you have a child on medicine, or an elder on Alzheimer’s medication, and or even you are are mental balancing medication of any kind. Then you need to know what the positives of marijuana can do for you and your loved ones.

    • Oh how much I agree with everything in this comment. It’s done the same for me, although, having 7 children I am forced to either resort to zombie inducing state pharmaceuticals cause or just suffer, for fear this wonderfuly ran government of ours would consider me an.unfit mother and (try to) take my kids away. I choose to suffer due go the simple fact I.can’t function on most prescription drugs of any kind. cannabis is a totally different story. Most responsible users are not zoned out rejects of society. But media, propaganda, the government all make it out to be equal to meth, heroine, and whatever else gets grouped in together.

      I am a 30 year old, conservative Christian mother of 7 amazing warriors of God, and I 1,000% believe Gods natural medicine should stop being vilified and be made available to anyone who benefits from it. Genesis 1:11-12.

      • I too, am a DEVOUT Christian…and I believe Marijuana is the best plant that God EVER created! It is healing curing and calming me…iut lets me come to NEW realizations…and brings me MUCH closer to Jesus…

      • Amen to that. Helps me in several medical ways. Rather have it than any medicine I’m on and I’m on alot of medicines. Needs to be legalized everywhere for everyone of age.

      • Thank you!!!!! How could a substance that saves lives be bad!!??? I am stage 3c cancer survivor who God willing smoked my way thru 16 rounds of chemo surgery more chemo and radiation I couldn’t stand the pain without smoking my way thru.

  • Do something for knoxville tn be great thanks

  • i would sign it
    but i live in shelby country

  • What kind of legislation is on board for ALL of TN and what does it look like as far as passing . From were I sit in dover TN it doesn’t look like it ever has a snowballs chance In phoenix of passing in the bible belt. The Southern states seem like they will be the very last states to legalize and they will do so kicking and dragging their feet the whole way. I actually had a talk with a friend the other day that said it was morally wrong to use cannabis in gods eyes, Thinking like that is what holds back progress in areas like TN.

    • Not engaging your legislators will prolong the inevitable. Please let them know you support cannabis as medicine as well as a basic human right.

    • God made it for us, if we are too stupid to harness the medical miracles that it has proven so many times that it can perform, then we don’t deserve to get well…get out there and let’s make legal a medicine that is ourGOD GIVEN RIGHT TO USE!!!!

  • How do I sign living in clarksville?

  • how do sign it for smith county

  • What can I do? I live in Madison County (Jackson)

  • I would sign and support it. I believe that the powers that be are only against it because of the money they lose . The bribes, the pay offs , the fines and other revenue that is generated for the goverments that control the issue. It absolutely should be legal both recreationally and most definately medically. The general public will benefit with decriminalization and/or legalization. The govermental demographics ie: retired judges( court costs going into the retirement fund) sheriff office fundings, attorney generals office, and such would lose untold revenue with a public issue such as legalization or decriminalization of marijuana.
    So keep up the good work and I will keep doing what I can to keep the issue in the public eye.

  • if we don’t get it in Tennessee and they get it in st Louis my ass is 15 minutes from I-24 west and I be rollin.

    • If “Show Me Cannabis” in MO. gets one of their ballot initiatives passed by voters, then Sikeston is only 120 miles away.

      Any word on state legislature?

  • the paper said Sunset Grille is closed where will the meetings be?

    • David,
      We now hold our meetings at
      First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville,
      1808 Woodmont Blvd, 37215.
      (4 blocks west of Belmont Blvd),


      Our next meeting is on May 3rd @ 2:00 p.m.

      • Are the meetings weekly?

      • No, Brian.

        The meetings are held on the FIRST Sunday of every month.
        The next Nashville meeting is Sun-07-June-2015 at 2:00 pm,
        First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville.

      • JULY meeting RESCHEDULED:
        The JULY NORML TN Nashville meeting,
        (usually on the FIRST Sunday of the month),
        has been RESCHEDULED,
        (due to proximity to July 4th Independence Day),
        Sunday-12-JULY-2015 @ 2:00 P.M.

  • I have written every state official I could and the only one who has responded was Lamar Alexander. I want to be more proactive than I am right now, I just don’t really know were to start.

    • Me too. I am in Hickman county and can’t always make the meetings…And yes the only response I have gotten is from Alexander.

    • I too feel as you. I also want to be proactive. It is hard to have a voice, when the opposition is the law. Employers work against people, who are like-minded as us. If you have a great job with excellent benefits, with a drug policy, then you have to watch what you are doing, or else suffer the consequences.

  • I’m in Wilson county and will sign!!!

  • how do we get something going in Jackson-Madison- county.

    • We are right below you in Chester County, David. Good news: Anyone from anywhere can legally get any amount of high CBD, low THC oil from us @ Herblend Teas Holistic Health and Wellness. No prescription necessary. Just inbox us @ http://www.facebook.com/HerblendTeas
      We have one oz. bottles in cinnamon & original flavors, right now, that each contain 100mg of CBD and less than 1% THC for $40 with FREE SHIPPING in the USA.

  • How are we looking with #’s?

  • Another one here for Wilson Co.

  • Is there a chapter around Bristol?

  • Bring this to the whole state of TN.

  • Davidson county isnt the only county in Tennessee wanting to legalize marijuana, how does the rest of Tennessee participate in a locked out voting process

    • After this project, especially if we succeed, we will reach out to other counties and see if we can work on decrim throughout the state. It’s a slow process.

  • Too bad the other 94 counties aren’t included. Third charge of simple possession being a felony is B——t!! All cannabis laws are BS.

  • My printer is broke and I live in Nashville. Is there a way to do it online with e-mail? If not.. why not????

    • We went to court a few months ago to push the Election Commission to allow digital signatures. The court ruled that it was up to the Commission and they refused.

  • Anyone from anywhere can legally get any amount of high CBD, low THC oil from us @ Herblend Teas Holistic Health and Wellness, a West TN business. No prescription necessary. Just contact us.
    We have one oz. bottles, right now, that each contain 100mg of CBD and less than 1% THC for $40 with FREE SHIPPING in the USA.

    Have the goodness of nature with the tastes of life.

  • Please tell me where to go to sign this; my printer is broken and I have limited time to drive around, but I can probably get a couple dozen sigs, just by “going to church” tomorrow.

  • I would sign it but I live in Smith County

  • I absolutely support this & would love to sign the petition but I have no way to print it out. Tennessee needs to get on board & completely legalize marijuana. It helps with so many medical issues…I pray this passes & that Tennessee finally legalizes it in general.

  • The news media is saying you can sign an online petition? How Do I do that?

  • I believe that the is the right of the people to vote for this and I will vote for it

  • I’m all for marijuana cause when you smoke it your relaxed makes you comfortable,hungry sometimes sleepy. It’s not like other drugs out stealing,killing,cooking or whatever just to get a hit or buzz.Marijuana helps people with major major health problems to where there not suffering & hurting all the time & besides,tax it – It’s fine with me because the money Tennessee would make off of it would be freaking awesome & put that money to schools roads all the above because there will be plenty of money to go around just from the benefit of marijuana. I could go on all day but I’m all for the legalization of it just let me know what I need to do but I’m in smith county so get us some papers to sign I’m all in.

  • Can we not do it statewide? Positive you would get the amt of signatures needed . I’m from another county…

  • I wish I could sign in rutherford county

  • How do you sign this online with out having to print it out and mail it in ?

    • You can’t sign online. News Channel 2 said you could sign online but that was in error. The election commission wouldn’t allow us to have signatures online.

  • What about the rest of us? Is the state not willing to do the smart thing and join in already? Decriminalization isn’t the answer either but it’s better than nothing. Medicinal legalization is what you want. That’s where the improvement is. Decriminalizing it only makes it legal to have not to buy or sell or grow. Why do you want freedom to possess it but not the freedom to go into an actual store and buy better and stronger strains for less than half the price of street sales. Not to mention the fact that the state will be drowning in more money to funnel into itself. Look at all the other states that realized

  • Where can I drop off a petition on Monday and what’s the deadline?

    • You can drop it off at 306 Gay Street, Nashville between noon and 3pm Monday. Thanks.

      • FYI, there is no indication at 306 Gay Street as to where petitions should be dropped off. I left mine with the bonding company on the first floor to the right. Woman there said she would get it tithe right person, but I’m not 100% confident. Maybe put a box in the lobby for the next couple of hours.

  • So it does not mean all of tennessee? Just Davidson county? Why?

  • This message is for kaelyn. They can’t take your kids for marihuana. As long as you’re not a dealer and don’t smoke it around them and have it out for them to see dcs can’t and will not take your kids away from you.

  • I would definatty benefit from medical Marijuana due to illness.Let’s get it going in knox county or the whole state for that matter

    • I’m another with health issues in knox county. Bothered bc I’ve had side effects from the tons of pills I’ve had to try, n am now suffering bc everything is so toxic

  • When can this be brought before the entire state i live in cheatham co. But know several people that would sighn for this to be on the next statewide ballot maybe 2016 voting?

  • Can I sign online?

  • Does it have to be received by the 18th? If I were to print it off, sign and mail it, it won’t get there until after today so do they go by the date signed or date received?

  • what about scan and email the signatures? i have a bunch, but my car broke down ..

  • How do you sign if your from sumner county?

  • Hope it passes how can I help?

  • I suffer with bipolar, chronic depression, fybermyalga among other illness. I was taking 17 pills just in the morning to start my day off, then about half that at night. My boys kept telling me I would feel much better if I would just try it. Finally I did. The results I had were great. I have not been in a psych hospital since I stayed smoking it and don’t take even an eigth of the meds I had to swallow everyday. Had to stop smoking it and was in pain everyday all the time from the fybermyalga, had to go back on some of my psych meds and have to take at least 2 xanax a day along with flexeral and pain pills along with my prozac just to stay out of pain. I was not bothering anybody by smoking it in my own home. Did not make me out of character like alcohol does out the pills I take, and no I don’t drink, I don’t like the feeling of being in a different state of mind and not in control like you get when you drink and get drunk. I’ve been drunk before and live with an alcoholic. Much prefer marijuana. Still in control of self, still in right state of mind. Now I’m on probation because we had to call 911 for my step son having a seizure. It was seen or actually found in my house when cops arrived. Now is back to sleepless nights and pills that I can’t function on. Live in Rutherford County what can I do to help push this thru?

  • I don’t think they’re using the low thc kind medically here in tn, n I’m someone w severe health n pain problems. I would like to try the kind that’s low thc n high cannabidiol, I believe its called. Supposed to really helpailments. Last I heard its only experimental at some college in tn.

  • When will it happen in the rest of the state I’ll sign anything tht will help

  • My Mom relocated from California to Tennessee, she had her Legal Medical Card in California as she has Lupus and is suffering from Severe pain. Now in Tennessee she can’t get any help with her pain. It is ridiculous the amount of hoops that we have to jump through for a plant that grows in the ground. My Mom is 63 years old, she isn’t a hell raiser!!!

  • Can we still gir davidson, is there a link gor the printout.

  • Well we lost this one but o truly believe that we will have medical soon.I have lived with hiv for 22 yrs.I have suffered from wasting and was prescribed marinol…it’s junk and it cost medicate 900 a bottle.I just discontinued and bought “illegal”medical grade Marijuana which as we know stimulates the appetite and takes care of nausea in about 5 minutes…

  • How do I sign I’m in Nashville n know lots that will sign also!! I’m not a smoker but have chronic pain n I believe anything natural that can help is wonderful!!

  • Let’s ll band together my brothers and sisters lets make this bill pass I’m tired of looking at other states that have it legal its our time lets do this

  • My husband’s liver is all but destroyed thanks to medication he’s been taking for Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 8 years. There are times these toxic injections don’t work, and watching him struggle to feed himself, shower or just rise from a chair or bed has been heartbreaking. I’ve been following the research on marijuana and RA, and it looks promising. And it would save his liver, I’m sure. Why are we forced to take man-made chemicals that destroy your organs when nature has given it’s own relief for pain and inflammation, among numerous other benefits?!! The answer is GREED and CORRUPTION, and it permeates everything our government touches.

  • It takes care of nausea instantly. I have been on the verge of throwing my guts up, ,medicated and within seconds was treated to a very large burp and absolutely no nausea.

  • I want to become involved in the road to legalization somehow. I live in Knoxville and am interested in attending the next East Tennessee chapter meeting. Please let me know how I can get involved!

  • How do you sign being in trousdale county

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