Tennessee Next to Legalize Medical Marijuana?

While no Southern state currently allows the use of medical marijuana, the Volunteer State may be about to change all that.  It’s been brought to the attention of the Tennessee government that researching marijuana for the medical benefits could also benefit TN residents.

Tennessee’s House Health and Human Resources committee recently approved a bill that prompts the state’s Board of Pharmacy to conduct research proving that residents of Tennessee with debilitating conditions could benefit from a prescription for cannabis.

As said before, no Southern state allows the use of marijuana – medical or not – there is already one government research facility located at the University of Mississippi in which they research cannabis.  Tennessee would become the second state to operate a legal research facility dedicated to the benefits of marijuana.

If passed by Tennessee’s government, the law allowing the research of marijuana would begin this fall and report their findings back late next year.  This means that medical marijuana in Tennessee is at least 2 years away, but this is much better than nothing at all.

The research lab would also concentrate their efforts on studying the benefits of marijuana for those suffering from multiple sclerosis, severe nausea, seizures, chronic pain, AIDS and Alzheimer’s Disease.

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22 Responses to Tennessee Next to Legalize Medical Marijuana?

  • myself I think it would be a big help to people and it would keep the younger people off harder drugs atleast they wouldn’t over dose or be going crazy like the meth heads are doing but that’s just my opp.

  • sonny we need to pass this LAW

  • It was put here for a reson so why not use it

  • I am a 57 yr. old proud to call Tennessee my home. I have worked hard all my life, have family, children, and grandchildren here. Had my 2nd. back surgery in 2010 with four inner body an back fusions, resulting in total disability suffering from chronic back/leg pain which contribute to moderate depression/anxiety, sever back spasms, and degenerative disk disease. The mental and emotional pain suffered is immeasurable having children and grandchildren that I cant rip an romp with, not to mention all the meds. I take on a daily basics just to get through the day with min. pain. I’m sick of pills that are addictive and damage vital organs only to create other life threating medical problems. Long story shot I took the opportunity to substitute marijuana for my pain and other meds. one day and the results can NOT be argued, a significant reduction in pain which created a ripple effect on all my other physical and emotional problems. I take pride in my right to vote so I am pleading to my Tennessee elected officials to try an put yourself in the shoes of people like myself who could benefit greatly from the legalization of medical marijuana. Don’t take the risk of making criminals out of good hard working, tax paying parents and grandparents. We need your HELP, PLEASE vote yes to legalize medical marijuana!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree ,I’m in the same boat with a ruined spine,and depressed I can’t take part in a lot of things with my kids……….it’s a plant God put here for a reason…….the war on drugs should be on meth,heroine and cocaine……not on some little unprocessed plant that is totally natural……..why is this taking so long is the question???? And I’m stuck taking hydro codons 10…….Lord knows what that is doing to my liver and kidneys .

    • I had an aneurism of heart valve and suffered degenerative disc problems at the same time. They gave me the drugs that are being sold on the streets by people who are addicted and drug dealers. Needless to say I spent a week in bed trying to gain enough strength to walk, eat and generally socialize. Could not do it. A few days later , an old friend came by and said I had nothing to lose trying some weed. So I did. Within a half hour of smoking , I was eating, walking and listening to music with my friend over a good conversation about the BS this government is putting people through because of a false puritanical belief that they know what is right for the common man. I totally recovered in about 4 days and went back to work.

  • This needs to be passed for so many different reason’s. The use’s of Marijuana are unlimited,Medical,Agricultural,Economical, the list of use’s, the surface hasn’t been scratched. Marijuana/Hemp the medical use is unlimited.Resources beyond medical are endless,From the plant to the seed.The oil from the seed will be used from cooking to alternative fuel ect ect. The plant it self will save 10,000 of acre’s of trees annually.From the world’s best rope & paper to complete vehicle’s exterior and interior.Henry Ford built a car made from and ran on Hemp. Once the Federal Government does legalize Marijuana and it’s use’s are in play,Future generations will find it hard to believe this plant was ever illegal…

    • Also…..not legalizing it lines the pockets of the Mexican mafia who grow tons of it on American soil……WTF………why doesn’t America reap the benefits of growing it ourselves and taxing it.It would make money for our country and make our country much safer……..it’s a no brainer…..WTF again.

  • It’s a win,win; for the government and the people!I vote Decriminalization/legalization state wide.,It is a natural herb after all.

  • I’ve hurt for year with back pain and have tried to get ssi and disability six times and was turned down six times and was told I could work. So I tried weed and found I could work. It didn’t take all the pain away so I learned my limits. When the pain got worse I would slow down and take my time till it was time for another dose. But that end when thay started drug testing and found it hard to find work other then under the table work and that would only hurt our state with no income tax on my income. I like working and wish I still could but with drug testing I now can’t find work so now I live off food stamps and a check the tax payer have to pay for that could be use for something more seriously needed like getting meth heads off the streets and to tell you the truth I would rather met someone driving high then drunk. It safer!!!!!!!!

  • Lets grow a car, we have a couple of auto manufactors in Tennessee. It could be a win, win problem solver.

  • They made booze legal, an look at how many lives it has taken, how many has marijuana taken? Vote YES Please!!!!

  • Tennessee is studying the proposition for legalized Medical Marijuana for the use of its CBD oil. This is not for the use of any kind of cannabis that you smoke and it will not be for recreational use at all. So as one of the posters put it “this would keep the younger people off harder drugs” This is not what this proposal is for. There is not any “HIGH” associated with CBD oil..

  • If the poor and disabled are allowed to grow their own and the forced unconstitutional chronic pain drug screens don’t take away their pain or anxiety medication then yes they should decriminalize medical Marijuana.The VA is taking away PTSD medication and pain Medication from veterans who use medical Marijuana.Marijuana is good for the nausha and loss of apitite opiates cause but does not treat pain as opiates do.It would be uncompassionate to let chronic pain or anxiety suffers have Marijuana and take way their other medications.

  • I will vote for medical cannabis, because I be in severe pain due to my Chronic arthritis, I also believe this drug will reduce my pain level.

  • I go to dever and get it i live in tn but it helps my anxity road rage depression so yes pass the bill and then open pot shopts for retail let the free people of tn grow weed in there own yards let us live pain free free the weed

  • Our economy needs recreational .

  • Hope can I sign up for the studies for medical marijuana I live in East Tennessee and I do have chronic nausea,chronic pain and menierz disease. I also have my medical records on hand I would love to do the test subject I’m also about %100 sure it will work from what I’ve tried of it it has worked wonders like a miracle that cures all and I wouldn’t have to take these terribly addicting pain pills n such I’ve had to take over 10 years.. Once it’s legal I’m sure the time and drug abuse especially prescription pill abuse will drop off

  • Lets be truthful here. The most people who are being busted for small amounts of weed are young black men and kids. The reason for this is it keeps the policing industry viable and controls the political system. These are the people they want you to be scared of and they have the least availability to a good lawyer. Even you can see how many are being killed and incarcerated by the percent in jail. You can’t tell me other people don’t smoke weed as much because I know them.

  • Where can I vote LEGALIZE IT!!!

  • Please Help The Sick In Tennessee To Get Marijuana Approved I Suffer From So Many Things It Is One Of The Best Medicine Out There ! PLEASE ! PLEASE ! PLEASE ( THANK YOU VERY MUCH ) RhondaJean From Hickman Co . Lyles,Tennessee 37098

  • If Anyone Here’s That They Approved Marijuana Please Do Text Me (* turner4ever18@gmail.com *) Thank You RhondaJean ! !

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