Tennessee Laws…It’s time for a change.

Tennessee does not recognize marijuana as an approved medicinal drug, any person found in possession of marijuana will be subject to criminal charges for possession.

Tennessee politicians are not up to date on this subject because several esteemed medical authorities have recognized the value of marijuana as a useful medical treatment for several conditions including; multiple sclerosis, cancer treatment, AIDS (and AIDS treatment), glaucoma, depression, epilepsy, migraine headaches, asthma, pruritis, sclerodoma, severe pain, and dystonia. This is only the short list.

The purpose of this website is to promote the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of Tennessee. This is not a site for the purpose of growing, selling or distribution of marijuana.

The antiquated laws include:

  • Possession or casual exchange of: Less than .5 oz.: Class A misdemeanor and attendance at drug offender school and minimum $250 fine;
  • Casual exchange to a minor from an adult 2 yrs. his senior and adult knows minor is a minor: felony; Subsequent offense: $500 minimum; Third: $750 minimum;
  • Two or more prior convictions, then Class E felony;
  • 20 plants to 99 plants: Class C felony, fined up to $100,000
  • Sale .5 oz. to 10 lbs.: Class E felony and/or $5000;
  • 10 lbs. + 1 g. to 70 lbs.: Class D felony and/or $50,000;
  • 70 lbs. + 1 g.: Class B felony and/or $200,000;
  • Over 700 lbs.: Class A felony and/or $500,000;
  • Sale to minor under 18 or in drug-free zone: one class higher than amount required;
  • Minimum penalty amounts: 1st drug felony offense: $2000; 2nd: $2500; 3rd: $3000

Please contact your politicians and let them know you support either (or both) medical marijuana and decriminalization.

It’s time.

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