Tennessee Candidate Supports Cannabis Decriminalization

Steven Reynolds via FB

Due to requests by many of our Facebook page following, Tennessee NORML will begin publically sharing the stances on cannabis issues of Tennessee politicians and candidates for office as we learn them. We will be reporting on both pro cannabis and anti cannabis politicians and candidates of all party affiliations, all in the nonpartisan interests of educating voters who are interested in politics and cannabis issues in Tennessee.

We’re happy to report that Steven Reynolds, who is running to replace TN legislator Scott DesJarlais in district 4 has turned out to be a very cannabis law reform friendly candidate!

This is the answer we received from his campaign when we asked about his stance on cannabis issues:

“Steven has been calling for decriminalized cannabis on the federal level since day one of his campaign. He wants to impose a federal tax on all recreational cannabis and earmark that money for drug rehabilitation, mental healthcare and education funding exclusively. Steven also wants to promote industrial hemp legalization. The largest industry in the 4th district is agriculture and he believes many people, the environment and family farms will benefit from industrial hemp as well. Thank you for the question!”

Link to Steven Reynolds Campaign page in Facebook

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