“Stimulate the Debate” says DC NORML



” Go to our website, norml.org, then click ACT on the right. It’ll take you to Capwiz, to enter your zip code for your state representatives,” said Paul Armentano, National NORML Director, to NORML chapters leaders across the U.S. on a recent conference call. “This is an example of how the national office can stimulate states.” ¬†Armentano says letters and calls will bring the issue forward in lawmakers’ minds.

In states with bills pending, there are pre-written letters for NORML supporters to send or amend and send.¬†“Most lawmakers prefer hearing from local people, ” he said, “The best delivery of our message is you, not someone flying in from DC.”

This will be a banner year for more reform bills than ever in Congress. In addition to legislative actions, local city ordinances have a good chance to raise awareness. Letters to the editor were also mentioned as good ways to educate for change.

I recently heard one Nashville attorney mention working on a pot-friendly referendum vote for the next Metro Nashville election. Since Music City is a Democratic stronghold with a large music and medical community, the action has a good chance of increasing awareness statewide and, maybe even passing!

Ask about it at this Sunday’s monthly NORML meeting. It’s Jan. 13th, 2p.m. at the Sunset Grill in Nashville. Don’t worry about buying food if you’re on a budget. The hemp-friendly owner provides the room and coffee gratis.

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