“Should marijuana use be legalized?” US News & World Report Asks

Today’s installment of US News & World Report’s ‘Debate Club’ asks the question, “Should marijuana use be legalized?”


Participating in the round table and providing the ‘pro’ arguments are Alison Holcolm (New Approach Washington) and myself.

Participating on the con side are: Kevin Sabet and David Evans (Drug Free America Foundation).

Links for each commentary may be found below:

Armentano: Marijuana Regulation Works and Prohibition Fail

Holcolm: Marijuana Use Should Not Be a Crime

Sabet: There Are Smarter Ways to Deal With Marijuana Than Legalizatio

Evans: Marijuana Legalization Costs Outweighs Its Benefit

As in past editions of US News’ ‘Debate Club’, editors are asking visitors to the debate to vote ‘up’ the commentaries they like and to vote ‘down’ the arguments they oppose. Please feel free to vote and to share this link with others.

Regards, — Paul Armentano Deputy Director NORML | NORML Foundation paul@norml.org

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