Senate Committee Votes Unanimously to Approve Legal Hemp in Kentucky


Hemp Field

Hemp Field

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Today the Senate Committee on Agriculture in Kentucky voted unanimously on Senate Bill 50, which would legalize industrial hemp in Kentucky.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul, wearing a t-shirt made of hemp, testified at the committee in favor of the bill, stating that if it passed, he’d work with the president on granting a federal waver to allow the production of hemp in Kentucky.

The hearing included both sides of the argument, with the opposition going as far as saying “you can get high from hemp”, and that it would lead to more crime (laughable propaganda).

The bill had a number of high-profile endorsers, including senate minority leader Mitch McConnel.

3 Responses to Senate Committee Votes Unanimously to Approve Legal Hemp in Kentucky

  • you can get drunk from alcohol and beat up your wife and kids and then take off driving and run over another family and kill them too,, but we sell the hell out of alcohol too,, think people are adults and we dont need other adults trying to think thery’re our mommies and daddies and tell us what to do,, be like me standing at the door at a liquor store telling people they shouldnt drink and i would got to jail too so marijuana or hemp is no different ,, let people smoke and we will let you drink !!!

    • Definitely. You have NO idea how much I agree with you, even though your grammatical skills are horrible. I don’t live with my dad anymore, so he can’t tell me what to do. And if he told me that I can’t smoke pot NOW, I would laugh in his face, because I’m no longer under his roof. And he’s FAMILY. That being said, good luck to any law enforcement official (and therefore a perfect stranger to me) who would even suggest such a thing, let alone arrest me for consumption or growth of a harmless, beneficial plant that renders the user calm and peaceful. I can’t understand this country. We sell a beverage that could cause violence, blackouts, liver and brain damage, fatal traffic accidents, and death. This is absolutely ridiculous. For God’s sake, we live in a modern era of the internet, smartphones, etc. and we’re STILL so backwards that cannabis is still illegal in 48 states?! I don’t understand! As far as I’m concerned, if it’s legal in two states, it’s legal in all 50, because we live in the UNITED states, not the divided states. United we stand, divided we fall. Everybody has their own preferences. Some people like to drink responsibly and have a good time. Others like to smoke marijuana. To each his or her own; freedom of choice is Constitutional. It just so happens that I have a medical condition, so damn it, I’m growing it this year, because I don’t just want it, I actually NEED it. And if anybody takes any kind of action against that, I will go against them with every gram of every ounce of my entire being.

  • Prohibition laws are mankind’s attempt at divine intervention.

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