Paul Kuhn speaks on legalizing marijuana

“I have been a proponent of legalizing and taxing marijuana as long as I have enjoyed using marijuana which (I began) more than 40 years ago,” Paul Kuhn told the Nashville Kiwanis Club. He made a strong case, particularly for using marijuana as medicine.  He says, “We have wasted tax dollars, ruined lives and foregone revenue we would have gotten if marijuana were regulated and taxed.

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  • Paul makes Sense, Government makes War Cents and Dollars…

  • Absolutely. We need to show the politicians qhere the money trough is at and how it can be accessed and how it can generate insane amount of proffit!!


  • Paul Kuhn for…
    Nashville mayor…
    Tenn. Governor…
    U.S. Surgeon General…

    Cannabis / marijuana prohibition has been corrupt since its racist / profiteering inception…!!!
    Let TENNESSEE be the FIRST “Southern” state to depart from this insipid MADNESS…!!!

    Cannabis prohibition benefits NO-ONE except its own bloodthirsty PROFITEERS

    Make it, (CANNABIS), MORE legal than killer-alcohol and side-effects-laden pharms

    F~~~ Joey Hensley, POS clueless doctor
    (Wish I could DEMONSTRABLY “educate” the clueless so-called “M.D.”

  • Amazing, the legalization of medical cannabis could happen before I die. So, does anyone know what Harry Anslinger’s problem was? A 5000 year old medicine is outlawed without consulting the doctors in the country? And then for him to use lies upon lies, through the film media especially, attempting to poison the minds of the citizens against this medicine. If you know please write in and tell me ………

    I read that cannabis users have fewer traffic accidents and deaths than do alcohol drinkers. I also read that there has never been a death from it’s use, while every other substance and medicine have their victims. And from a scientific point of view it appears that cannabis has evolved together with the human species. Cannabinoids are part of our being, our bodies and minds.

    At 75 years of age I can say I enjoy this plant now, as much as I did in 1959, when I first encountered it in Mexico City. Not a single teenager in Columbus Ohio at that time had any idea what cannabis was, and I doubt any of the doctors did either.


    • The study mentioned above is from the International Association of Cannabis Medicines:

      IACM-Bulletin of 25 August 2013
      USA: Sanjay Gupta of CNN says that Americans have been systematically misled about cannabis
      Science/USA: The implementation of medical cannabis laws was associated with reduced alcohol use and reduced traffic fatalities
      News in brief
      A glimpse @ the past

      Medical Marijuana Laws, Traffic Fatalities, and Alcohol Consumption
      D. Mark Anderson, Benjamin Hansen, and Daniel I. Rees
      Journal of Law and Economics
      Vol. 56, No. 2 (May 2013), pp. 333-369
      Published by: The University of Chicago Press

  • Anyone and everyone that wants to see the legalization of industrial hemp production in TN NEEDS to help me gather credible research documents on the topic and send them to State Representative Eldrige. The local news channel ran a story last night stating that a bill is being drafted and Eldridge is currently gathering information to make an informed decision. Lets make sure the TRUTH gets into his hands so we can heal our economy and communities with hemp!!!!

    • Great news, I’ll see what I can find.

    • I’d rather have doctors prescribe marijuana then pain pills because there’s a pain pill epidemic. there are more people getting addicted to pain pills the marijuana I’ve been a smoker for over 15 years the effects are a lot better it last longer and there’s so many good things from marijuana a good note it would also truly bring us out of economic debt and a lot of Tennessee politicians and everybody don’t realize it I mean the government waste billions of dollars in the war on marijuana and they’re too stupid to realize that the war will never end so just legalize it and profit from it

    Eric Holder Announces Department of Justice
    to Allow Marijuana Legalization to Go Into Effect

    by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director August 29, 2013

    During a conference call with state governors today,
    Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the
    US Department of Justice would allow the
    marijuana legalization laws in
    Colorado and Washington to go into effect…

    Huff-Po ARTICLE:
    Eric Holder Says DOJ Will Let Washington, Colorado Marijuana Laws Go Into Effect

  • He references a pamphlet or booklet in his speech. Where can I find a copy of this? I can’t seem to find it with online searches. If anyone has it, please scan it and load it up somewhere! Tks

  • Lets just sing it; stop draggin my,stop draggin my, stop draggin my health around. Cmon Texes ,don’t drop the ball!

  • Ok so from seeing this i feel that Tennessee could be one of the next states to be Medical Legal but other stuff i look at it says they just dropped this subject like a brick so are we going to be waiting another 2 years or is this still being considered this year?

  • Gonna smoke it regardless of legalization! Im more than willing to pay taxes for it and buy it at stores and dispensaries. If the government wants my money, all they have to do is legalize and tax it. If they want my money to go to my buddy down the road TAX FREE, then dont. I don’t get busted, I don’t raise hell. I’m a family man who is careful about my affairs (such as using a non-smoker’s computer to type this). Regular people like me use cannabis to relax at the end of a hard day at work, and will continue to do so without worry or hindrance until I die. So….. do you want my money or not, government?

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