On Mother’s Day, 2013, A Marijuana Mom Goes to Jail

Nashville, TN – The original U.S. Mothers’ Day was an 1870 protest against injustice and war.
The U.S. has more people in prison than any country in the world because of an unjust U.S. Drug War – which includes arrests for medical marijuana in TN.

This Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12th, mother, midwife, college instructor and grandmother Marilyn Green will be ” kidnapped” by the state of TN and forced into prison for growing medical marijuana that her husband Gerry has used for degenerative disc and back pain from an accident.

Show your support for Marilyn Greene Campbell on Facebook. She also has a Save The Campbell’s FB site where you can sign a petition on her behalf . You can also reach her directly at mgcampbell4772@gmail.com, or  615-848-5557.

To strengthen our campaign, please visit our monthly meetings and start talking to non-pot smokers and legislators alike about changing TN’s harsh marijuana laws. Thanks!

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