NORMLTN’s First 4/20 Education Celebration A Success!

NewsChannel5, The Nashville Scene and Fox News all came to recognize and report on NORMLTN’s 4/20/13 day long Marijuana education and celebration event. Highlights included a well attended panel discussion with Rep. Sherry Jones, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s Erin James, Author Constance Gee and others with NORMLTN President Doak Patton moderating.

The poetry, comedy and music that followed attracted a long stream  of visitors new to NORMLTN events and the results were not only new friends and members, but increased awareness of the injustice of TN Marijuana Laws and the importance of changing them.

Thank you to all the organizers, participants and attendees. One highlight of the day – fire twirlers performing at night in front of a live Fox-TV shoot with a crowd of Medical Marijuana supporters holding signs to raise awareness and change the laws in TN. This was truly a moment in NORMLTN history.

This event and more public events like it are in the works, so please continue to spread the word about the injustice of jailing patients who use medical marijuana and visit our website, Facebook pages and come to the May 5 monthly NORMLTN meeting 2 p.m. at Nashville’s Sunset Grill. With your help, we can work together to change the law in TN.



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