NORMLTN Visits Arkansas Music Festival

endprohibition-copyThis report in from NORMLTN’s Alex on a recent road trip.

Last weekend, I attended Wakarusa, a music festival in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. At the event, I came across a booth for Arkansas for Compassionate Care, the Arkansas group that pushed for medical marijuana legislation in the neighboring state of Arkansas.

While they lost by 1.7%, the close results are encouraging. In my discussion with one of their members, he noted the scientific survey that they had done, which told them the percentage of votes in support and against ahead of the election. He noted that this survey was right on the dot in terms of accuracy.

He noted that his group received $760,000 in funding from the Marijuana Policy Project. After this discussion, I came to the conclusion that TN NORML needs to establish relationships with reform groups at the national level. He explained to me that they went to MPP with a project designed and MPP then funded that project.

I would guess that this would entail us coming up with a plan to pass a medical marijuana bill in Tennessee including costs, etc. and then pitching the idea to them once they are more familiar with us. I think working together with other groups is incredibly important because we all collectively aim for the same thing.

Another of my aims is to discuss advertising venues with the Arkansas groups. I saw some wonderful fliers at their booth and later checked out their site, which I enjoyed. I am excited by the amount of potential support and guidance we can get from older groups.

– Thanks Alex. To visit their site, click here.


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  • Great job Alex! Krash is hoping that we could do a TN survey. I think this will help. Did they apply for a grant?

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