NORML Meeting – 1/12/14

57 people attended.

Key speakers:  Alex Connolly, Bernie Ellis, Penn Mattison, Rick Williams

Mission Statement:  “The purpose of this organization is to promote cannabis in a positive manner and to interact and share ideas with the citizens of Tennessee throughout local communities, with the ultimate goal of legalization for medical, insustrial, and personal use.”


Purpose of meeting- Goals, Progress, etc.

Meeting starts at 2:00 p.m.

Doak Speaks – Introduces Kwame Leo Lillard.

Leo Lillard speaks – Invites people to march on Dr. Martin Luther King day Monday the 20th, discuss presenting a different way of introducting legalization to those who don’t advocate it, idea for cards to be made informing people of their rights (4th amendment)

Rep.Harold Love speaks – Discusses decriminilization of marijuana, 46 million spent on prison systems for marijuana use

Bernie Ellis speaks – HB 1385 has been filed, contact Sherry Jones.  Need Senator to file companion bill.  Need a dozen co-sponsors, invite Bernie to speak in caucus.  Need a Republican House or Senate member – Mark Pody, Steve Dickerson, Corey Todd.  Meet with Dr. Hensley in coming week.  Importance of making Tennessee first southern state to legalize MM.

Rebecca Johnston speaks – Tennesseans for Compassionate Care, Limited Liability Corporation needs volunteers – resouce develepmonts, graphic design, marketing/PR, etc.  Mike Krawitz Veterens for Compassionate Care.  TENN-10 Challenge.  Talk to 10 people about MM in TN.

Rick Williams speaks – Motivation for Tennesseans for Compassionate Care – state revenue, legislators and loved ones that could benefit from Compassionate Care.  Importance of presenting facts to state senators and legislators.  Introduces Dr. Jantz.  Reach out to state represenatives, senators.

Francis Perry – Rescheduled meeting for February 9th due to Super Bowl.

Scott Burchfield speaks – Treasurer Report – $5700 in bank, $147 in website donations   Penn Mattison speaks – Being forced to move, due to bill not getting passed in time for his sick daughter’s cannabis-based treatment for seizures.  Meeting with Senator Jack Johnson.

Doak Patterson – Donations from today’s meeting going to Mattison family.

Alex Connolly speaks – Plans for benefits/fundraisers.  Series of benefit shows to get name out there, generate revenue for the cause.  Need people to do concessions, vending, etc.

Brenda Fielder speaks – Husband is long-term, 31 year survivor of AIDS. Acknowledges MMJ is the primary reason for Husband’s survival.

Casey Jones speaks – Wrote press release about the Mattison family.  Education, compassion as a means to bring forth legalisation.  Nashville song-writers Stage 4 liver cancer being treated successfully with MMJ.

Francis Perry – Total donation to Madison family is $444.00 Monday, January 27th – very important event at Vanderbilt.

Paul Kuhn – Acknowledges Big Smo as fund-raiser participant.  Drew Fuller.  Vanderbilt Sarratt Auditorium @7p.m., introduced by Holly Hoffman.

Holly Hoffman – Needs help for event @Sarratt Center on Jan. 27.  January 23th Nashville Scene features Miller family.

Bernie – meeting with Senator Green?

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m

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