NEW Web Documentary – Drug War & Mass Incarceration

Sent to us from Allen St. Pierre at NORML.

One of our country’s most pressing social issues is one that is often overlooked.  Michelle Alexander’s best-selling book, The New Jim Crow, reveals the hidden effects of the war on drugs and issues surrounding mass incarceration.  The book has become the leading voice on these problems and has invigorated a community of activists across the country.

The latest episode of BOOKD explores The New Jim Crow and features a range of luminary voices on the book including rapper and activist Talib Kweli, Asha Bandele of the Drug Policy Alliance, and others.  “Our system of mass incarceration threatens to undermine everything we’ve worked for to get to this point in this country,” says Kwelib.  “If you think of the whole 200 years that this nation’s been in existence, we’ve incarcerated more people in the last 20 years than we have in the entire history of the united states,” adds Bandele.

You can watch the episode here:

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The New Jim Crow has put mass incarceration and the war on drugs in the spotlight, but more must be done to raise awareness.  As you’ll see in the episode, these issues weigh heavily on our country.  We hope you’ll consider writing about and posting our video or sharing it via social media.  We think your readers will enjoy this content and find Alexander’s theories fascinating.

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