New Documentary From NORMLTN Member

From NORMLTN member Francis.

Has anyone / everyone seen the TV program, “Marijuana Miracle Cure 2: Wired for Weed”?  It was on the Wealth TV Network, regular cable TV station last night.  It is also on Youtube:  It seems to have been released quite recently.  Very up-to-date information. 

 Excellent educational / informative show, 60 minutes in length, and it will be repeated tomorrow, Monday, July 15 at 3 pm and 10 pm.  The fact that it is airing on a cable network, standard programming with regular commercials for non-related products, is phenomenal. 

Thanks Francis! The more we care, the more we share. billboardsm

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  • someone needs to send this to our pot head president and open his eyes and mind to the truth !!!!!! We the People deserve better, is not about a “buzz” any more is about saving lives and not making money ,why truth is hiden from the main media , So let me see if I underrstand big logggin companies are making a lot of money and deforresting our trees wen we can make it whit hemp ,meaning paper etc..and at the same time save big forrest from been rape of their trees wich help to produce the oxygen we breed is all about money and not “we the people” is time to save all does millions of people that die everyday of cancer and other deaceses , is time for the big voices of the Important people to be heard ,persons like Bill Mahr and others to bring this profesors and scientis to their show and expose the gov. For what it is “gready bastarts !!!!!!!!

  • Thank you for posting YouTube link to
    “Marijuana Miracle Cure 2: Wired for Weed?” documentary video.

    Just finished watching.

    Very informative, especially concerning the role
    of the body’s own Endocannabinoid System, (ECS), in
    fighting disease and maintaining health.

    Cannabis NEEDS to be re-legalized
    SOONER rather than later HERE for this very reason.

    Anything less is literally making life itself “illegal!!!”

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