Nashville Sounds Hit a Foul, Cancels on Medical Cannabis Education Charity Night Last Minute

As many of you are aware because you had already purchased your tickets, Safe Access Tennessee had been working with the Nashville Sounds since the 5th of July on a Charity Night for Educate Tennessee – the Educational Foundation that works with Safe Access Tennessee.

The non profits had completed the Sounds forms and submitted their IRS determination letter, and had purchased the requisite number of tickets to host this community event.

The Sounds organization agreed to sponsor the event, and agreed to allow the medical cannabis activism organizations to set up a table and educational displays. Safe Access Tennessee spent weeks  advertising and promoted this event on their Facebook pages and in their Facebook groups. They spent money advertising the Sounds game in the Nashville market because their event was scheduled to take place at the game, and they printed special materials for this exciting event.

The Sounds organization called and cancelled this planned and approved Sunday event on Friday night, less than 48 hours before it was scheduled to take place.

Their reason for renigging last minute? The Nashville Sounds organization stated that they now felt that allowing Safe Access to educate people on the endocannabinoid system and how medical cannabis works in the human body would be too “controversial.” Seriously. They really said that.
Safe Access Tennessee informed the Sounds organization that Safe Access had already invited over 6,000 Tennessee citizens to the game and the charity event, and had sent press releases out to every TV station in town………and asked the General Manager to reconsider. Unfortunately, the Sounds organization still elected to cancel the event last minute, despite having approved it on the front end.
The medical cannabis activism community of Tennessee DOES NOT find these actions particularly honorable or respectful, and we feel that this betrayal of the contract was a slap in the face to our community of patients and their caregivers as well as all other medical cannabis supporting Tennesseans. We honor the contracts we enter into, and we expect others to do the same.

Safe Access Tennessee has stated that they “apologize to their members and supporters who purchased tickets, and who where planning to bring their families to the ballpark.” They’ve also said they would hope the General Manager will refund any tickets already purchased, and he can be reached at:


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