Methadone: Good Safe Drug Kills Thousands – Marijuana: Bad Unsafe Drug Kills Nobody

Dr. Phil Leveque

Cannabis/marijuana had never killed anybody in the probable 5,000 years of its use in medicine.

The New York Times published on July 10, 2012 that Methadone accounted for about 1/3 of deaths caused by opiate and opioids pain relievers in 2009 but they didn’t give the actual figure.

The opiate, Oxycodone, causes the most deaths followed by hydrocodone, (Vicodin) and Morphine but the opioid Methadone which had been used mostly to get addicts off heroin is now widely used as a pain killer. It is about as potent as Morphine but is much cheaper than any drug in this class of strong pain killers.

How and why severe pain patients found out that Methadone was good for severe pain is not readily known but obviously they did find out and now in some places Methadone is responsible for about 10% of deaths when comparing it to all of the various deadly drugs but this is a lot considering its previous anti-heroin use. In 2005, Methadone caused 4,462 deaths. More recent articles state that Methadone caused one third of deaths. Overall pain killer deaths have increased four times in the past decade. Methadone accounted for 2% of pain killers but 30%of overdose deaths which was about 5,500 in 2007. Some states are more carefully monitoring Methadone prescriptions and doctors.

The CDC reports that in 2009, 15,597 people in the US died from the use of these pain killers which was double the number of people who died in 2002. The CDC report stressed that the doctors lack special training in pain management. This isn’t so because the chief requirement of a physician is to control pain and more doctors are doing that for more and more patients.

Some may be reading and asking themselves, why is he writing this? I have been trained by two of the best known pain doctors, that doctors are supposed to treat pain, Up to that time, about 1960, Morphine and Morphine like drugs were the answer. Almost nobody knew that cannabis/marijuana was an excellent analgesic/pain killer for even severe pain.

As it turned out, the Vietnam wounded battle veterans were the first to find out about this and brought the information back home with them. I couldn’t figure out how a mild hallucinogenic, Marijuana could be a pain killer. I had about 400 Nam Vets and if they said it worked, it must be so.

Secondly and most important, I discovered that cannabis/marijuana had never killed anybody in the probable 5,000 years of its use in medicine.

I have been a strong proponent of cannabis/marijuana since I got my education from Vietnam lab rats.

In almost all of our 26 marijuana clinics in 9 states with a total patient population of 150,000, about 70% want the medicine for severe chronic pain including migraines.

I checked Google; there are at least hundreds of articles about Methadone deaths but none about marijuana deaths.


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