Medical marijuana bill on the move in Nashville

Exciting news: there are not one, but two hearings on medical marijuana in Tennessee today! In the House of Representatives, Rep. Jeanne Richardson’s bill, HB 294, was approved by a subcommittee of the Health and Human Resources Committee last week, and today it goes before the full panel for a hearing, and hopefully a vote. The bill has been amended to correct technical concerns and would now create an effective medical marijuana law.

Please ask your legislators to support this compassionate legislation.

Meanwhile, the Senate Government Operations Committee has scheduled a hearing on SB 251, the Senate companion to HB 294, sponsored by Sen. Beverly Marrero. While the progress in the House is nice, it’s not unprecedented — a study bill was approved in committee two years ago. A committee vote in the Tennessee Senate, however, would be a first.

There’s growing legitimacy behind this year’s push. Constance Gee, who used medical marijuana in the Vanderbilt chancellor’s residence to combat the symptoms of Meniere’s disease when her then-husband was chancellor, is testifying in support of the bill. Help us build on this momentum by emailing your legislators now.

Thanks for all you do!

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  • I started having seizures in 2010 due to a brain bleed, after trying over ten or so different meds with bad side effects now it would be nice to be able medical marijuana to see if it will work for only other option at this time is risky and may cause seizures to get worse. It is very easy for someone who has never seen or had to deal with family member or small kids to have to see this, bet if anyone of the folks who are not in favor of bill would change their minds or how would they like if they could not get legal meds to help go figure .Bet it would change their minds. For some reason they think that we are all the same and meds that work for 1 person will work for everyone.Lets hope one day

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