“Marijuana Finally Legalized” Should Be The Headline

Reprinted with permission by Caz Loth.

“Marijuana finally legalized,” is the headline that should be appearing on the front page of newspapers across the country instead of, “The biggest bust in the county,” or “$100K seized in pot bust.” One of the most diversely useful plants on the planet has been co-opted by governments to make money. That’s the simple explanation. Its one more lesson in control when free beings can be told how to self medicate by a power that is out mostly for its own good and often to the detriment of its citizens. How we have allowed a small group of individuals, police, lawyers, judges, correctional facilities and drug dealers to monopolize the benefits of this extremely valuable plant through prohibition is hard to understand.

No government should be able to regulate what plants the citizens of the planet use. All the plants on the planet were put here by a Creator, I assume, for the good of humanity, not for the good of a small group of small-minded people with power and who can decide to make the use of the plant illegal to benefit themselves, not because it’s harmful, but because they can and there’s money in it.

In the United States, drug arrests have tripled in the last 25 years, however most of these arrests have been for simple possession of low-level drugs. In 2005, nearly 43% of all drug arrests were for marijuana offenses. Marijuana possession arrests accounted for 79% of the growth in drug arrests in the 1990s. Nearly a half million people are in state or federal prisons or a local jail for a drug offense, compared to 41,000 in 1980. Most of these people have no history of violence or high-level drug selling activity. With over 5 million people on probation or parole in the United States, drug use on parole or probation has become the primary basis by which thousands of people are returned to prison. These technical violations of parole or probation account for as many as 40% of new prison admissions in some jurisdictions. Incarceration is profitable.

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4 Responses to “Marijuana Finally Legalized” Should Be The Headline

  • Yes it need be especially legalized here in Memphis on how I go about doing that

  • To get Medical Marijuana legalized you must start a petition and must attain at least 50,000 authentic signatures maybe even more than that since we’re talking about a serious thing. Also you can have as many people as possible write by letter mail to the state of Tennessee all at the same time( same day). Have as many people as possible to contact TN state Representatives and Senators by e-mail and by phone. Express the seriousness of the sittuation that effect all Tennesseeans. You must be tottaly dedicated to what you are trying to accomplish. Get as many friends to help as possible.
    I have thought about posting signs by the highways advertising for Norml.org. Just plain NORML.ORG written on the sign. Putting these out should be done with safety in mind allways. Good luck my friend and God bless you!.

  • Really should say “Finally RE-legalized”

  • I HATE that pot is not legal. If I can’t get my medicine, what am I to do? I spent all day looking. Nothing. Pot keeps people off harder drugs. At least for me it’s that way. And if I can’t get my medicine. I feel so terrible. We all want to smoke, it sucks so bad, and many people are moving away making it harder to get. It’s a dilemma here in TN. It’s terrible. I want to move away too, but I just bought a house, and am kinda obligated. I don’t like wine either. Beer is cool, but like, I don’t really give a shit about it. Please legalize my medicine.

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