March Monthly Meeting – Get Organized!

marijuana-court-300x225-thumb-325x243How to get better organized was one of the main topics at the last NORMLTN monthly meeting on March 3rd, 2013 at the Sunset Grill. That topic was prefaced by several others: President Doak Patton mentioned a voter registration and signature drive, Rev. Aaron announced an upcoming legislative advocacy day, we discussed the importance of re-branding the cannabis user, removing the ‘stupid stoner syndrome’ and watching legislation in Kentucky, Neal spoke about a comedy and music show for hemp on April 9 and 23rd at The End, and we went around the room to introduce ourselves and areas we’d be interested in.

Get a Dry Erase Board

Marilyn suggested we write up the minutes from the last meeting and ask members to read, correct, and approve the minutes in order to create continuity and accountability. Then print the minutes for all to see when they come in so new people can know what we’re working on.

She also suggested getting committee chairs and co chairs (in case the chair can’t make it, or to send in a written report) to help define the mission of the committee with a sign up sheet for interested people. Write up a job description of the committee chair, then get someone in that position who is responsible for naming the committee and working with members to develop its vision. For example, Vet issues might include access, PTSD and homelessness. “If people see that we’re organized, it will give value, and to help people plug in,” she said.

Committee, Anyone?

We passed around a sign up sheet and several people agreed to head up committees. Doak and Andrew will head the Decriminalization Committee, Alex will chair the College Education Committee, Curtis is interested in chairing for either Medical or Legal issues, Becca will chair Access for Vets, Bo will chair the Silent Army of Anonymous Users, and Kim, Scott and Jon will be working on various lists of committee chairs.

What Else is Going On?

We heard also from Rev. Aaron who formed TN medical Cannabis Now and organized the legislative action day on Tuesday March 8th. (Please see other blog for what we learned).

Suggestions For Improvements?

We passed around a suggestion sheet and will share that info soon.  During the meeting people suggested we need better links between our web page and Face Book. Several people didn’t know we had both. Doak wants to refine Bernie Ellis’ bill to focus on cancer patients and Hospice only. Change it from MJ is a crime to MJ is compassion and Neal offered to work with Jaime on a 4/20 celebration and education day.

All in all, another productive monthly meeting as we grow in organization and strength to change marijuana laws in Tennessee!

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  • hello
    hello im a ptsd vet that has retiered and would love to chair the veteran with ptsd com

  • i`m a viet-nam vet that has suffered for over 40 yrs.i have just recently been diogonesed with PTSD,I have been on every med that is out to try to help me,the only relefe i can get is when i use mj,.i used t smoke weed for fun and to get stoned,i have never got into any kind of trouble from smoking weed,ask me about alcoholic and i will be hear the rest of the night writing about all the pain and misery it has caused me,the list goes on and on,i cant think of one good thing that has happened to me when i drenk,my geting stoned days are over,now i just want to enjoy the rest of my life the best way i can and without drugs.get the drugs off the street,leave this GOD giving herb along.I fought for my freedom,and yours and i`ll do it again.leave me alone and let me be free in tn. pease to all,,

  • Though I do agree that cannabis and cannabis compounds
    have medical efficacy, I believe that Tennessee ought to be
    pressing for BOTH medical and recreational re-legalization,
    as Rep. Patricia Todd, (D – Birmingham), of Alabama is doing:

    Bill to Legalize Marijuana Introduced in Alabama | NORML Blog, Marijuana Law Reform:

    Full text of Alabama HB 550, introduced Thurs-4-Apr-2013,
    to tax / regulate medical and recreational cannabis
    production, dispensation and use.

    – – – – – – –

    A real-world example of an already legal drug that has both
    recreational and medical uses is caffeine.

    This includes beverages containing preparations of
    caffeine-bearing botanicals, such as coffee, tea and cocoa,
    as well as those containing additions of caffeine alkaloids,
    (i.e. Soft drinks, colas and energy drinks).

    These range from over-the-counter alertness pills
    containing only caffeine, (i.e. No-Doz, Vivarin), to OTC
    and prescription medications for migraine headache relief and
    improved pulmonary and cardiovascular functioning, utilizing the pharmacological
    properties of caffeine and caffeine analogues,
    (theophylline, specifically), in combination with other compounds.

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