Although Tennessee NORML is not directly involved the following event we wish them well and much success in educating the public. The event may reap valuable media attention and open discussions, across the state. Hopefully it will lead to more open minds and positive overall results.  The goal of Tennessee NORML is to change laws related to cannabis in this state, to improve the quality of life for applicable patients. This following * is posted on behalf of Bernie Ellis and Rep. Sherry Jones.

Thanks and we’ll see you there.

The Tennessee NORML Board of Directors

*We ask all Tennesseans who support re-establishing a medical cannabis program in Tennessee to join us in Nashville on Monday, January 27 for a day of lobbying, networking, sharing and learning. Here is the tentative schedule.

Today through Friday — Call your state legislators, your House and Senate members, and schedule appointments with them to discuss Koozer-Kuhn. If you have time, schedule meetings with other legislators from your county. You should schedule these appointment between noon and 5:00 pm on Monday or anytime Tuesday (if you will be around.) Be sure to tell your legislator’s staff that you are coming to discuss Koozer-Kuhn and you would be happy to be combined with other Koozer-Kuhn supporters for the same meeting times. (This will make life easier for the staff and will help insure you can meet with your legislators.)

Monday — Plan to be at Legislative Plaza between 11:00 am and noon.

Bring your driver’s license to get into the legislature. The best place to park is at the Nashville Library. Entrances to the garage are on Sixth and Seventh Avenues between Church and Commerce Streets in downtown. It is a two block walk to the capitol from there.

Starting at 11:00 am, there will be 30 minute briefings on Koozer-Kuhn and how to lobby your legislators. These will start at 11:00, 11:30 and noon. Check in at Rep. Sherry Jones office for directions. Be sure to get briefed before you have your meetings with legislators.

Noon – 5:00 pm  Meetings with legislators (Try to schedule these meetings around the press conference)

3:00 pm Press conference on Koozer-Kuhn to include a brief presentation by me and statements from all legislative co-sponsors. We hope this will be in the Supreme Court building so that there will be room for all supporters. We’ll let you know location and directions on Monday.

4:30 – 7:00 pm Patients, survivors and family members are encouraged to arrive at the Vanderbilt University Owen School of Management early to record your stories and support for medical cannabis for a patient DVD we are preparing.

7:00 – 8:30 pm   Symposium

“Koozer-Kuhn: Re-establishing a Medical Cannabis Program in Tennessee”

Averbuch Auditorium, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management,

401 21st Avenue South,  Nashville, TN 37203-2422

(I have attached a map that shows the best places to park free for the symposium. There will be considerable handicapped parking near the meeting hall. It is recommended that we park (free) in Lots 6, 6A, 6B, 5A, 5B, or Wesley Place on the map.

The panel will include at least three state legislators and three patients or their representatives. There will be ample time for Q&A after the panel presentations.

We also expect considerable media coverage at the event.

Tuesday, January 28  Additional meetings with legislators at Legislative Plaza

A few final suggestions: Our bill is receiving unprecedented support and media coverage and this Lobby Day will keep building the momentum for change. Please dress appropriately and don’t bring signs, etc. to the legislature. You will be able to display banners and posters at the press conference and the Vanderbilt symposium.

We want Lobby Day for Koozer-Kuhn to be one of the biggest lobby days this legislature has ever seen. So, if your support the re-establishment of a medical cannabis program in Tennessee, make plans to come to Nashville (and bring your hundred closest friends and family members). If you have any questions about Lobby Day, email Bernie Ellis at tracevu@gmail.com or call Rep. Sherry Jones office (615/741-2035).

Support Koozer-Kuhn. It’s time in Tennessee!!!


  • I am unable to attend this symposium. However, I certainly am in favor of medical marijuana being available to anyone in need of it without any strings attached . Since medical marijuana is the issue I will not comment on the legalization at this point.

  • I’m a farmer in tn and I support this bill I think it will help the state farming economy and the people who need this vital medical plant. I will attend this lobby event with several of my local farming Co op friends .

  • I suffer from kidney cancer and my wife has chrohns disease.We have waited for this state to legalize marijuana for many years so we can get the treatment we need

  • The Federal Drug Administration has approved more pain associative drugs in the US than in any other nation. In fact, more specific pain therapies are coming forth due to our extensive research capabilities in the NIH, which currently has 27 institutes. Our society has always cared for the sick and suffering. Currently we are being led to believe THC (tetrahydrocannibinol delta-9) will meet the same standard as other therapies. It wont. It is psychoactive, bringing on euphoria and a sense of altered consciousness. Folks, we know what’s going on here: the pot trade is waiting to profit, the users are waiting to buy legally. Where will it lead? Ask Governor Peter Shumlin who delivered his 2014 State of the State of VT address crying for help in a heroin crisis in his state – that, as you guesses – had a huge pot issue 20 years ago. See: http://governor.vermont.gov/newsroom-state-of-state-speech-2013

    • We do know what is going on here. The pharmaceutical industry, with their deep pocketed lobbyists, troll message boards in hopes of finding a story they can dump their special brand of patented crap on just as you have done here. Do you work for Pfizer? Glaxo Smith-Kline? THC is not the issue. It is only one of hundreds of cannabinoids that have been exhaustively studied by almost every major university on the planet and found to have anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, and anti-cancer properties that are vastly superior to the poisons you refer to as “compassionate therapy”. All of these health benefits are achieved without damage to the liver unlike the wonder pills that you and your cohorts promote. Have you bothered to research the subject or are you merely content to regurgitate the talking points of the ONDCP? Either way, have a good evening consuming your alcohol, smoking your cigarettes, and taking your pills that do nothing more than treat symptoms rather than provide actual cures.

  • I am unable to attend this event but as a mother with an adult child with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy I am in favor of legalizing mmj to help not only my child but others that have a need for it.

  • Rob Water — Are you really trying to compare heroin to marijuana???? is that the best argument you can come up with? your comment would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that someone might read it and believe your ignorance. Hmmm, do you work for tobacco industry? alcohol industry? a drug company? I am retired military and firmly support medical marijuana. Have you watched the videos of children who suffer from brain-damaging seizures go from catatonic to dancing like a ballerina after getting treatment? Watch, if you have the courage. if that doesn’t change your mind, i feel sorry for you. Go to the meeting if you dare. See and hear the real victims of the war on cannabis. I dare ya. See ya there????

    • Brenda: for those who like you who have served our country in military uniform I have the highest respect. That’s about all I wish to say. I never did serve but have many family and relatives who have. The way I see it – your service is bout the only reason I can have an opinion of dissension.

  • We are unable to attend but we need this bill to pass. My husband is a disabled Veteran.

  • I’m faced with letting them remove half my face my neck muscles from ear to collar bone.. I will not be able to work again.. I’ll be lucky if I get to see smell or talk again… cannabis oil could prevent that all…

  • Assuming that this bill will may not pass, what are the chances of this getting on the ballot for 2014?? Thanks for everything you guys are doing for patients in Tennessee!

    • If it doesn’t pass this year then there’s always next year. One step at a time and we’re getting lots of attention this year and most of the politicians that wouldn’t talk about it last year are interested in what we have to say. Tennessee’s state charter doesn’t allow for a voter referendum.

      • While the state does not allow for voter referendums, Nashville/Davidson County does. I think this is an avenue that we should pursue regardless of what the state legislature decides. If we are able to get it on the ballot in Nashville, the state will be forced to address the issue rather than just bury it in committee again as they have done in the past.

  • Any possible co-sponsors as of now?

    • Currently we have no Senate co-sponsors and without that the bill will not pass. If your Senator is Republican, and most are in Tennessee, please contact them and request they co-sponsor. Grass roots campaigning is the best way to get the attention needed for pushing the bill forward.

  • I am unable to attend but as a cancer survivor I believe medical marijuana would have alleviated many terrible side affects had it been available

    Please consider the bill for those that need it.

  • HB 1385 was placed on Calendar for March 11th. I think i will be attending the discussions/debates.

  • Why have there been no updates to this site since January??

  • We’ll get em next year. How about a scientific study about how pain killers lower I.Q.? Right wingers sure know how to kill a vote. I wonder if our States that decriminalized and legalized had this much trouble. Let’s network with them with a vengeance. Civil disobedience rarely works. Let’s not go there. It just gives them another reason to discredit cannabis. All of the hard work didn’t pay off fully, but it gets more and more people on board every year. Have a recharging weekend brothers and sisters. Back to the grindstone Monday. Peace, love,, and perseverance

  • My previous post should have read, “…kill a bill.”

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