Inaugural Tennessee NORML Litter Pick Up Event is a Success

Tennessee NORML would like to thank the 10 volunteers who came out for our first adopt a highway litter pick up event! Our Communications​ Director Susan Daniel was joined by Melody Cashion, Ashley Williams, Phoenix Gillies, Rayanne Coppernoll, Alex Kimpel, Timothy Mills, Jennifer​ Mills, Geraldine Jett and Robert Ralston.

These “Norml Tennesseans” spent four hours walking the sides​ of a 2 mile stretch of highway outside of Murfreesboro picking up trash by hand, and collected 29 bags of trash in total!

They​ braved the heat, humidity and bugs to help us clean our designated section of highway 231 in Christiana. Due to their help, we have now qualified for the installation of signs on both ends of that 2 mile stretch between mile markers 4 through 6 that say Tennessee NORML volunteers have adopted it,and it should be in place 6-8 weeks from now.

These awesome ladies and gentlemen received Tennessee NORML t-shirts as a thanks for helping us squash the lazy stoner stereotype often associated with cannabis legalization supporters while helping keep Tennessee beautiful.

If you missed the opportunity to help us today,  we’ll be having our next litter pick up event in 3 months so join us in September.

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