Illegally Healing in Tennessee: Gem’s Story

Due to the lack of a viable and effective medical cannabis program in Tennessee, hundreds of thousands of patients are suffering unnecessarily. Some of them have decided to join the ranks of the “illegally healed” and use cannabis medicine despite it’s illegal status in our state.
The Tennessee NORML blog will be sharing these personal stories anonymously, to highlight the need for a viable medical cannabis program for the suffering patients of Tennessee.

This is Gem’s story:

“I went to see a pulmonologist for the first time in March and was given the breathing test to see what stage of COPD I had. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 COPD.

I started taking cannabis oil 3 times a day for it, because I had read so much about how much it helps people with COPD symptoms. I started breathing MUCH better and I was not as exhausted as I was prior to taking the oil.

My Pulmonoglist has now noticed a positive difference in my breathing 30 days in to taking the oil! He is now aware that I am taking the oil, and he wants me to keep him informed of how I feel I am progressing as he monitors the changes in my COPD.

I have since found out that a strain named Dutch Treat is what most COPD patients prefer, so I have found an oil maker who resides in Washington state to help me access it. I really wish I could legally buy it in Tennessee, and not have to worry about being criminalized for using a safe, natural plant medicine that has given me my alot of my quality of life back….but I can’t.

I feel like the state of Tennessee should legalize medical cannabis so that people like me can concentrate on our status as a patient, rather than constantly worrying about our choice of medicine making us a criminal.”

By the way, since I began taking the oil, I have not once had to be hospitalized for a COPD exacerbation!

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  • Please notify me, I have a horrible story of having a chronic pain autoimmune disorder. I have dealt with soooo much insanely. Please email me and I will explain. I would like not to be known. It’s just bad… Seriously

  • I suffer from chronic back pain, severe weight loss, Severe acid reflux, and anemia. Plus I have asthma. I told my pain manegement doctor in East TN that I have tried canabis for my symptoms, and he kicked me out of his clinic. I am now forced to drive an hour once a week to another state just to get my pain meds. There needs to be some change. All the laws they put on doctors in this state causes poor health care, because doctors are scared to death of the Big Bad Federal Government.

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