How Would You Celebrate 4/20?

How would you celebrate 4/20? That was the topic  at the NORMLTN weekly core meeting on Sunday February 24, 2013 at Nashville’s Sunset Grill as numerous ideas came forth from NORML activists very excited about the idea. The idea of using East Nashville’s Performance Artist Co-op with comedians, bands, and poets to celebrate the date, and mix in an educational component with the festivities peppered our discussion over the tables at the Sunset Grill. We hope you’ll advance the topic at our next meeting, Sunday March 3, 2013 at the same place, The Sunset Grill in Nashville at 2 p.m.Sunset Grill Inside

We also heard from Scott who met Rep. Sherry Jones about lobbying in the TN Legislature. Scott reports Jones, a medical marijuana advocate, said personal, handwritten letters will actually make it to the legislators’ desks. Kudos to Carla, who got us started on the process during the last meeting. Hopefully we’ll do more, many more, letters and events to change public opinion in TN.

On the college front, Alexander is checking into showing the drug war documentary “The House I Live In” at MTSU along with a discussion panel. We hope to have LOTS more activity this year at colleges around Middle TN.

There’s much to do and we look forward to seeing you at the next meeting as we ‘stimulate the debate’ for marijuana reform! Please remember to invite new folks to come and to share information with all of us on our website and facebook page.


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  • toke to you choke lol……. Is East Tennessee have any Rep. Officials that support Marijuana

  • As a high school teacher, my students like to bring up 420 and tell me they’re going to celebrate. I tell them that since it’s still illegal they can’t celebrate by smoking, then I write NORML on the board and ask if they know what that is. I then explain that if they ever want to celebrate 420 legally, they should join and help try to change the laws.

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