Getting Ready To Visit The Legislature, Jan 2014?

NORMLTN Oct. 6, 2013 Meeting Notes.

The monthly meeting of NORMLTN at the Sunset Grill,  2001 Belcourt Ave, Nashville TN 37212 was well attended with a crisp agenda and several notable speakers.

NORMLTN President Doak Turner spoke about an initiative to lower the priority of pot busts in Nashville, Francis updated the audience about the success of our Facebook page likes, Colleen spoke on an industrial hemp progress towards the legislature, Alex spoke on plans to have a NORMLTN benefit concert, Bernie spoke on parts of Tennessee’s medical marijuana bill being successfully utilized by several states and the country of Uruguay. John spoke on NORMLTN’s upcoming meeting with MMJ bill sponsor, Legislator Sherry Jones. Katrina spoke on working with a TN doctor’s cannabis advocacy education efforts.

These are exciting days for NORMLTN and we need your help in convincing all Tennessee State Senators that it’s time to change cannabis laws when the Legislature begins in 2014. There will be two bills to track closely. One for industrial hemp sponsored by Rep Faison and a medical marijuana bill sponsored by Rep. Sherry Jones.

She offered us excellent advice on how YOU lobbying your state representatives can make or break the success of those bills. Come to our next monthly meeting Sun Nov 3 at Sunset Grill 2 p.m. to learn more!

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  • Awesome, Awesome, Awesome,

  • Can’t wait to have a music fest I hope I’m invited back to perform for it like I was for the hemp fest that fell thru but I believe an its coming soon just don’t forget about me guys I’m ready to give this 100%

    • I know that meth is getting bad in maryville tn and people are killing over pills i promise if you make this law it will clean are town up i know alot of people who ask me about pills i started at 14 and i got clean at 19 i hate them now pot is the key of the stop in buying other peoples pills bc young kids will not start them anymore

      • Exactly it’s the same here around and in Nashville I started taken pills when I was 12 and didn’t get off of them till I was 19 it’s time for change no one wants to see it or admit it but where just letting sick people suffer and handing them highly addictive narcotics people die everyday because of pills name one person who has off marijuana I mean really same with cigarets and alcohol it kills but it’s legal genusis 1:12 and the earth brought forth grass and herbs Bering seeds and god saw it was good I rest my case

  • I suffer from bipolar type 2, I smoke marijuana to control my disorder, to some people this is not a serious matter but it is a serious matter. With marijuana I feel better and I can relate and communicate with the public. I’m able to work and communicate with my family without feeling angry at them because I can’t control my emotions. This is not a joke and I take this seriously. Making this a law will benefit people who medically need it.

    • Anthony, I agree with you. I also suffer with bipolar type 2 and smoke marijuana daily. It does help control the erratic mood swings. Several times my family tells me to smoke. It is definitely time to legalize.

  • I am a 20 year marijuana smoker with a bipolar type 2 disorder, the medication that the doctor’s give me doesn’t work. Marijuana has been the only herb that has helped me for the pass 20 years. I could be doing worse things like hurting people, robbing them, murder, drug dealer, and so on… I’m a responsible human being with a family. I’m not hurting anyone but yet the law would arrest me for having a half-a- joint while other people are killing other people and robbing them or raping people. Since I smoke marijuana I’m the criminal because experts don’t know the real truth how marijuana saves lives. It’s ok to make pills that can kill you but it’s not ok to smoke a joint. Can someone tell me that’s just little weird? Now I have to pay $1,370.00 to court cost and $537.00 to a bail bondsman on top of that get drug screened and pay that out of my own pocket of $90.00 a month to a probation officer, all because of a joint… imagine it cost more money just to pay the officer for doing his job. Now how is that fair!!! I suffer with a condition that no one cares about but its ok to put me in jail, waste thousands of dollars all because I smoked a joint. I’m not trying to have people to feel sorry for me, but I ‘m just saying the law needs to change

    • Tony I also have bipolar they have had me on record for being bipolar since I was 11 even though at the time i was told that they had to also put everything involving bipolar down as well so my medical records are out the roof lol they put me on so many meds as a child that made me a walking zombie an even when I was in school I would get in trouble for sleeping half the day away but it was due to the pills so around the age of 15 I smoked for my first time and the best way I can explain it to ppl that don’t get it is that it give me a filter a full well working used for everything filter I don’t let small things bug me that use to getme to rage I have noticed that when I am very stressed my nerves are causing me to shake like tremors badly an smoking helps bipolar disorder is a real mental cluster and can over come many ppl I belive that marijuana helps keep ur mind at a steady work flow to help you thru the day

      • I go through the same thing when I get so enraged with anger and my body shakes I have to smoke marijuana to calm down for an hour. People some times don’t realize how it truly affects our ability to function with a level head on curtain situations

      • marry jane people been smoken it for years back before Columbus came too the what we know now is U.S.A how many people in jail or lock up for smoken it alot people commit more crimes and harded one’s at that with harder drugs what do you think was in the peace pipe before they sat down for what we know now is thanksgiven here smoke this lets talk eat and trade I think the government don’t want us to smoke it cause any one can grow it and they can’t tax it for there own pocket just like ‘BEER” and “MOONSHINE” which they can make money yes people r in it for the money that’s why we made laws to safely make beer and moonshine but really all the people I know that smoke it even me want to drink soda or food and for pain plus mental reasons to back in the FLOWER POWER days people smoke it how many crimes did it cause then from what I seen not much my mom grew up in those days so did I at the end of it look at the track record I bet people in jail just to put money the citys pockets opps I got the munchies better go to jail for a free meal Get real people let it be legal S.J.M

  • I would like for it to be legal in tennessee I have to take medication for a disease that will never go away and the medication makes me sick enough I can’t eat so I smoke to give me the urge to eat without it I would look like a twig and iv even tried getting marinol from my doctors and they wnt because pot isn’t legal yet we need to speed the process up. Hell iv even been called for a medical marijuana license and they couldn’t even get me one becouse of legal standings but I would be in the system for one when it becomes legal

    • My mother has stage 4 cancer . With her treatments she has a very hard time both eating and sleeping. She was a teacher at a very reputable school for 30 years and always bought into the “reefer madness” mentality surrounding marijuana. If it wasn’t for marijuana she would starve herself, go insane from insomnia, and possibly be dead right now. Now, when do I get to stop meeting people in parking lots to get her ‘meds’?

      I realize and am fully aware that my activities are illegal, but I will do what ever it takes to ensure my mother is comfortable. After all, she has 2 grand kids who adore her that she needs and wants to watch grow up.

      If the state wants to put an honest,hard working, tax paying family man in prison and ruin his family and future simply for doing what’s necessary for his family, then maybe TN is not the right state to raise a family and pay taxes on a family income of over 200k. I am disappointed in the prioritization of efforts in this state, we really are behind the curve.

      • “Amen!” is all I can say to this. My prayers for your Mother’s healing. And yes, Christians can be for medical marijuana, too!

      • I hope they pass mmj for you and other like us that need it. God bless.

  • My name is Thomas Gray and I would love to take part in any and every event or meeting that you have. I recently started a Facebook page dedicated to education regarding cannabis and hemp. If it is possible please let me know when your next meeting is and where, and I’ll be there.

    • Oh!! NashCannMove on Facebook or just look up my name!! I would really enjoy joining forces, even though mine is relatively small, but we can pack a punch!! Thank you for everything that you do!!

  • I, too, believe if pot were legalized and taxed, we wouldn’t have the problems we have had with teens getting into other drugs. Many i know smoke reefer, but also drink and smoke tobacco. I have smoked on a rregular since 11/69, making this my 44th year. It helps me in many ways, with pain, anxiety….even concentration while studying in college. i am 67 years old and have smoked, dropped and snorted about every drug that was around in the 60s & 70s…tapering off all except weed….and i don’t smoke that as often as I did only because i don’t have a trusted friend that can get it….so, when i don’t have it, I deal with not having it…not like a junkie, meth-pill or crack head. I hope to see it legalized, even if only for medicinal reasons.

  • Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can get my name on this PETITION? ? Every site I went to says ” PETITION CLOSED.

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