Fox 17 Newsroom – Tennessee Mornings – SPECIAL REPORT: Medical Marijuana

Paul Kuhn NORML Chairman

Paul Kuhn
NORML Chairman

After Monday night’s Special Report on Medical Marijuana a slightly different Special Report aired Tuesday during the Morning News. Bernie Ellis and Paul Kuhn are both featured. Click here to go to the video. And please Facebook like the report. That will help our cause. Please let us know how you feel these interviews went. I thought both Bernie and Paul came across as reasonable, concerned and compassionate.

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  • so glad that the cause is finally seeing media coverage here in Tennessee!

  • SPECIAL REPORT: Medical Marijuana WZTV Fox 17

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  • The excuses these people are using are getting mroe and more ridiculous. Introducing a drug “so many people use and abuse” Well you dumb ass politician if so many people are using this PLANT why does the possibility that its not such a bad thing never cross anyones mind? Genesis 1:29. People please start standing up for what you believe. Google your states reps and email them saying you want medical marijuana. Its as simple as that. Enough emails and they can’t keep saying no. God bless and lets start moving forward in America!

    • Jake, you must be referring to one of the less-brilliant legislators,
      (Joey Hensley, Hole-In-The-Wall, TN), who is, ironically / supposedly,
      a “Board-Certified” physician. (but is phytochemically-illiterate).

      Back in 2010, when TN HB2562 and TN SB2511 medical cannabis bills were on the House floor,
      Bernie Ellis showed the legislature a PowerPoint presentation,
      detailing the SPECIFIC cancers that cannabis is able to treat.

      Five to ten minutes later, when Ellis mentioned that cannabis reduces the
      proliferation of certain types of cancers, Rep Hensley asked, “what types of cancers?”
      (Joey, weren’t you paying attention to the Power Point presentation earlier!?!?!).

      More recently, (April 2012), during a WSMV News 4 broadcast,
      Hensley raised the same, specious objections, word-for-word as in
      the recent February 2013 Fox 17 SPECIAL REPORTS:

      WMSV 4 – Legalizing Medical Marijuana: Tennessee

      On this news-video’s YouTube comments-section:

      Youtube Commenter
      theboringlife88 8 months ago
      What does he mean “we don’t know how to prescribe it.”?
      LOL it’s a #*%king plant, this guy is stupid.

  • Please Tennessee! Please stand us for those of us that need this plant for not only for relief but HEALING! I have Multiple Sclerosis and not only does Cannabis give me relief from pain and spasticity, and help me sleep better, it’s actually been PROVEN to help with re myelination of the nerves, which means it actually has HEALING potential for MS. PLease tell your lawmakers to let our Dr’s decide whether we need Marijuana or not! NOT old antiquated laws! The science is there for anybody that cares to look! People “use and abuse” coffee too! Marijuana has never killed even 1 person, never! Yet, I can have all the physically addictive pain meds my insurance company will let me have! I’m sick of the pain meds and muscle relaxers, sleep medicine, etc..etc..give me a choice so I can save my liver!! And save my life. The meds I take are trashing my liver. When I lived in California temporarily, I was able to cut my pain meds and muscle relaxers in half!! It’s just wrong that I can’t choose the medicine I want to use, the less dangerous medicine! Please Tennessee, do it for me and others like me!

    • Ruby I pray for the healing hand of God to be placed upon you. BUT until God decides to do so I pray that the ignorant persons reading this will open their eyes and see that just because our government says something is bad DOES NOT mean it is true. The government is greedy and corrupt. Your average gardener could make and sell something that could potentially help and heal millions of conditions and problems but its illegal because they are afraid they won’t get the tax money “they deserve”. I am close to becoming an extremist on this topic. I’m sick of politicians thinking they are my masters. That they have the right to tell me I can’t have a plant my GOD gave me. Hiding behind the constitution when they can and completely removing it when it benefits them. People wake up and realize you are NOT free until you have the right to pick a plant in the woods and carry it in your pocket with out the possibility of a felony and never getting a job again.


    On the shelves of an old drug store being closed out…

    “Tincture of cannabis, USP” made by Eli Lilly,
    the famous drug manufacturer.

    Cannabis extract in 77% alcohol.”

    Take one teaspoon at bedtime as a soporific”.

    Way better than all the sleeping pills that
    are addictive and have side effects, sold by the millions today.

    Made illegal by an administrative decision in 1937.

    Think of the opiates, Seconal, barbiturates and the rest,
    used as proprietary and highly profitable medications,
    despite their problems.

    All because the Federal Drug Control Agency banned
    the LEAST HARMFUL and MILDEST of all those kinds
    of therapeutic agents to open up the market for the
    return of alcohol.

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