FDA Asks for Public to Comment on CBD

FDA officials put out a call for comments in this morning’s Federal Register, seeking information about CBD and how the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) should designate it under the 1971 Convention on Psychotropic Substances. In doing so, the FDA acknowledged the ‘beneficial’ effects CBD has shown in patients with neurological disorders.

All those who have information on, or experience with, the use of CBD as a healing substance are encouraged to comment at this federal website. Sept. 13 is the deadline for public comment, and no input will be considered after that date.

One Response to FDA Asks for Public to Comment on CBD

  • My daughter is 28 has Down Syndrome, early on set dementia and bipolar type symptoms. We have had her on CBD oil about a month now. We definitely see positive things from it. She is less combative, less agitated, not as sensitive to noise and is sleeping better. Over all happier. What we are unsure about is the dosing of it ? U are kinda on your own. All companies are different as far as the strength.., and the range in pricing? We started her once a day then increased to two times a day. That definitely seemed to agitate her. So we drooher back down to once a day! As of now she seems stable. We see her psychiatrist in two weeks.. who approved of us starting this… looking forward to hearing what he has to say!

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