DEA Warns Parents of Pot Legalization Ripple Effect

635Another example of cops not just enforcing the law, but trying to maintain unpopular cannabis prohibition laws… Allen St. Pierre/NORML

DEA Warns Parents of Pot Legalization Ripple Effect
Kevin Killeen

August 11, 2014 5:23 PM
ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Drug Enforcement Administration is warning parents to beware of the new attitude toward marijuana this school year.

DEA special agent in charge in St. Louis Jim Shroba says the legalization of the drug in Colorado has had a ripple effect on youth culture.

“Whenever we see laws in states that pass measures allowing for the recreational use of marijuana, then it normalizes it for the entire society – for all the 50 states,” Shorba says.

Parents should warn their pot-prone children – ages 12 to 19 – that the drug is still illegal here, it is addictive and it can cause cognitive development problems, he says.

Legalization efforts across the country give teens and young adults the impression that psychoactive drugs are somehow safe, Shroba says.

“It gives them the appearance that they’re somehow smarter than the rest of us because they’ve passed a legalization measure,” Shroba says. “That there is somehow no long-term physiological or developmental effects that this will have on the body.”

The DEA says parents should watch who their children are hanging out with this school year, and consider a drop in test scores or absenteeism signs of a possible problem.


5 Responses to DEA Warns Parents of Pot Legalization Ripple Effect

  • Jim Shroba is an idiot…he bases his statements on unfounded opinions of those who have no idea what they’re talking about…The only TRUE way of knowing the long term effects of marijuana is to study those who have USED it…I have been using marijuana on a daily basis for over 30 years…I have an I.Q. of around 155…I am more than willing to perform any test or study anyone who cares to know the REAL TRUTH wants me to perform…PROVE YOURSELF JIM SHROBA….I WILL PROVE MYSELF….I DARE YOU TO SEEK THE REAL TRUTH…

  • He is 100% sure of these effects and yet there’s not enough research to reclassify this drug out of it’s schedule 1 status? Can’t have it both ways.

  • This man is a moron!!! I have been smoking marijuana since I was 14yrs old and I am now 47!!! I challenge him to any cognitive test he wants and I bet I score better than he does!!!

  • The DEA is all about money, it will take it away from them and in turn the government. It’s really that simple people.

  • The police are out of control in this country

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