Congressman Cohen Urges Attorney General Holder to Reschedule Marijuana

4 Responses to Congressman Cohen Urges Attorney General Holder to Reschedule Marijuana

  • More power to congressman Cohen …….. Cannabis is not a Schedule 1 drug, it is and always has been a plant with tremendous medicinal possibilities if the power and money crowd would give it back to the doctors and researchers. Sanity may prevail…… keep your fingers crossed…….

    charley,76, lancing, tn.

  • Congressman Cohen is right about this .

  • I have voted for Mr Cohen and I support intelligencent people who are not puppets of one party or another

  • Hey Congressman Cohen! How about pushing state legalization to our legislature? Get Lamar A. involved! Your arguments are just as valid on a state level and think of all the good it would do. How many vets, like myself, could benefit? How many unemployed could benefit? How many cities’ coffers could benefit from the extra tax money? How many families could be saved if there was a LEGAL alternative to alcohol which destroys families at a rate many magnitudes higher than pot ever will? It seems like the folks in Memphis are the only ones willing to stand up in chambers and say that prohibition of pot is much more criminal that legalization. What about industrial hemp? Kentucky, of all states, is jumping on this bandwagon. And another thing, why is this site so damn dead? Where are all the supporters? I can’t believe the meetings are packed, yet this site is so dead… Thank you for your efforts NORMLTN!!!

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