NORMLTN’s First 4/20 Education Celebration A Success!

NewsChannel5, The Nashville Scene and Fox News all came to recognize and report on NORMLTN’s 4/20/13 day long Marijuana education and celebration event. Highlights included a well attended panel discussion with Rep. Sherry Jones, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s Erin James, Author Constance Gee and others with NORMLTN President Doak Patton moderating.

The poetry, comedy and music that followed attracted a long stream  of visitors new to NORMLTN events and the results were not only new friends and members, but increased awareness of the injustice of TN Marijuana Laws and the importance of changing them.

Thank you to all the organizers, participants and attendees. One highlight of the day – fire twirlers performing at night in front of a live Fox-TV shoot with a crowd of Medical Marijuana supporters holding signs to raise awareness and change the laws in TN. This was truly a moment in NORMLTN history.

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How Would You Celebrate 4/20?

How would you celebrate 4/20? That was the topic  at the NORMLTN weekly core meeting on Sunday February 24, 2013 at Nashville’s Sunset Grill as numerous ideas came forth from NORML activists very excited about the idea. The idea of using East Nashville’s Performance Artist Co-op with comedians, bands, and poets to celebrate the date, and mix in an educational component with the festivities peppered our discussion over the tables at the Sunset Grill. We hope you’ll advance the topic at our next meeting, Sunday March 3, 2013 at the same place, The Sunset Grill in Nashville at 2 p.m.Sunset Grill Inside

We also heard from Scott who met Rep. Sherry Jones about lobbying in the TN Legislature. Scott reports Jones, a medical marijuana advocate, said personal, handwritten letters will actually make it to the legislators’ desks. Kudos to Carla, who got us started on the process during the… Continue reading

Overkill in the war on pot

Lost in this fray is the fact that marijuana is medicine.

By Marie Myung-Ok Lee
January 22, 2013

As a candidate in 2008, Barack Obama emphatically stated that medical marijuana use was an issue best left to the states. One of the first promises he made as the newly elected president was that he was “not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws.” This was even reiterated formally in the so-called Ogden memo of 2009, in which the Department of Justice instructed U.S. attorneys that federal enforcement should apply only to medical marijuana operations that were not in clear compliance with state law.

Obama has since “clarified” those promises, but it still makes no sense that Matthew R. Davies, a business school graduate who set out in 2009 to create a medical marijuana dispensary that would be in full compliance with California law, is… Continue reading

Report on NORML First SE Regional Conference

Report on NORML First SE Regional Conference Sat Dec 15, 2012

“Coming Together for Change” Part One by Bamboo Jones

“We need to help our members know the political climate and go to their legislators with an education package. Don’t be condescending, or treat them like idiots, or make it personal, or dress in a chicken suit or block a doorway.”

Cheyanne Weldon, Texas NORML

Cheyanne Weldon, Texas NORML

Cheyanne Weldon, Director of Women’s Outreach for Texas NORML, had Marijuana education experience the 52 attendees from seven states were eager to hear. This was the first South East NORML Conference in the history of the organization, held on a balmy December Saturday in 2012, in Nashville, TN.

“Keep in mind, it’s your lawmakers job, whatever they do or don’t do you don’t like, they’re just keeping their job. Once you get over and through that, you’re just educating them in conversations with peers. … Continue reading

Open Letter from Greta Gaines to President Obama

This is a great letter to President Obama about hemp prohibition.

PDF from Greta Gaines


Concerning the shootings in Connecticut.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone touched by today’s senseless shooting in Connecticut.

Man Freely Smoking Pot in Washington Literally Has No Issue He Feels Strongly About Anymore

SEATTLE—Celebrating the new law in Washington state that allows him to freely smoke marijuana within his home, local man Erik Cirrone, 25, told reporters Thursday there is no longer any political or social issue he feels strongly about in any way whatsoever. “Yeah, the right to smoke marijuana legally was pretty much the only thing even remotely tying me to events going on in the world,” said Cirrone, who unreservedly took a drag from a joint before adding that he does not have an impassioned stance, or any stance at all, on topics such as the economy, health care, gay rights, unemployment, Gaza, global warming, or any other major domestic or international matter. “I used to consider myself pretty political before this law was passed, but now I realize this was actually the one and only political issue I cared about. Don’t really give a shit about anything else,… Continue reading