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NORMLTN Oct. 6, 2013 Meeting Notes.

The monthly meeting of NORMLTN at the Sunset Grill,  2001 Belcourt Ave, Nashville TN 37212 was well attended with a crisp agenda and several notable speakers.

NORMLTN President Doak Turner spoke about an initiative to lower the priority of pot busts in Nashville, Francis updated the audience about the success of our Facebook page likes, Colleen spoke on an industrial hemp progress towards the legislature, Alex spoke on plans to have a NORMLTN benefit concert, Bernie spoke on parts of Tennessee’s medical marijuana bill being successfully utilized by several states and the country of Uruguay. John spoke on NORMLTN’s upcoming meeting with MMJ bill sponsor, Legislator Sherry Jones. Katrina spoke on working with a TN doctor’s cannabis advocacy education efforts.

These are exciting days for NORMLTN and we need your help in convincing all Tennessee State Senators that it’s… Continue reading

US Attorney General Calls To Cut Federal Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences

Attny Gen Holder

Overcrowded prisons, racial disparities and social and economic burdens are some reasons US Attorney General Eric Holder called for changes in the Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences that have landed hundreds of thousands of non violent drug users in jail. Read more about it here. 


Run From The Cure – Healing With Hemp Oil

This is a great story of a Canadian who cured himself with hemp oil after his doctors gave up on him. Click here I KILL CANCER

to watch the video and remember to write your TN Legislators!

PS If the link doesn’t work, just google Youtube Run From The Cure.

NORMLTN Visits Arkansas Music Festival

endprohibition-copyThis report in from NORMLTN’s Alex on a recent road trip.

Last weekend, I attended Wakarusa, a music festival in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. At the event, I came across a booth for Arkansas for Compassionate Care, the Arkansas group that pushed for medical marijuana legislation in the neighboring state of Arkansas.

While they lost by 1.7%, the close results are encouraging. In my discussion with one of their members, he noted the scientific survey that they had done, which told them the percentage of votes in support and against ahead of the election. He noted that this survey was right on the dot in terms of accuracy.

He noted that his group received $760,000 in funding from the Marijuana Policy Project. After this discussion, I came to the conclusion that TN NORML needs to establish relationships with reform groups at the national level. He explained to me that… Continue reading

Nashville June 6 Film: Drug War 2 – Invite Your Legislators!


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American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny

Presented by Cannabis Science (CBIS)

Thursday, June 06 7:30pm – 9:25pm

in Nashville, TN at Carmike Bellevue 8 $12.00 General

Deadline: May 30
08days 18h 26m 20s
PENDING This event will only happen if 75 more people reserve a ticket.

The Event Program

  • Movie presentation of American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny

    Director Kevin Booth navigates through the cutting edge of Cannabis research while becoming a foster parent to a child court ordered to take powerful mind altering drugs. After surviving brain surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, a 2-year-old boy lay in a coma not eating for… Continue reading

“Marijuana Finally Legalized” Should Be The Headline

Reprinted with permission by Caz Loth.

“Marijuana finally legalized,” is the headline that should be appearing on the front page of newspapers across the country instead of, “The biggest bust in the county,” or “$100K seized in pot bust.” One of the most diversely useful plants on the planet has been co-opted by governments to make money. That’s the simple explanation. Its one more lesson in control when free beings can be told how to self medicate by a power that is out mostly for its own good and often to the detriment of its citizens. How we have allowed a small group of individuals, police, lawyers, judges, correctional facilities and drug dealers to monopolize the benefits of this extremely valuable plant through prohibition is hard to understand.

No government should be able to regulate what plants the citizens of the planet use. All the plants on the planet were… Continue reading

NORMLTN’s First 4/20 Education Celebration A Success!

NewsChannel5, The Nashville Scene and Fox News all came to recognize and report on NORMLTN’s 4/20/13 day long Marijuana education and celebration event. Highlights included a well attended panel discussion with Rep. Sherry Jones, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s Erin James, Author Constance Gee and others with NORMLTN President Doak Patton moderating.

The poetry, comedy and music that followed attracted a long stream  of visitors new to NORMLTN events and the results were not only new friends and members, but increased awareness of the injustice of TN Marijuana Laws and the importance of changing them.

Thank you to all the organizers, participants and attendees. One highlight of the day – fire twirlers performing at night in front of a live Fox-TV shoot with a crowd of Medical Marijuana supporters holding signs to raise awareness and change the laws in TN. This was truly a moment in NORMLTN history.

This event… Continue reading