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Please support Tennesseans United

Please support Tennesseans United

There’s a new group out there working on MMJ in Tennessee. Tennesseans United will be working hard to bring change in the 2015 Tennessee Legislation sessions starting in early January.

Please give them your support. Please go to their petition and sign up.

Looks like there are several groups in Tennessee this year standing up for changing the laws so our friends and family can get the medication they need to ease their suffering and pain.

More news coming every day!

Open letter from a Tennessee Mom

Sandy McClurg Bush writes:

I have been hesitant to talk about this publicly for obvious reasons, but have decided that the potential benefits for my family greatly outweigh the risks of negative backlash so here goes nothing…….

As most of you now know our son Cameron has a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy called infantile spasms. Despite being on medications he is still having anywhere from 3-20 seizures every day, on average. Over the last few weeks I have spent many hours researching something that I now feel has a very real possibility of helping my son, medical marijuana. I believe that many people’s hesitations and oppositions to this are based on misinformation, so I would like to ask all of you to put aside what you think you know about it and allow me to share what I have learned through my many hours of research.

I have… Continue reading

NORML Meeting – 1/12/14

57 people attended.

Key speakers:  Alex Connolly, Bernie Ellis, Penn Mattison, Rick Williams

Mission Statement:  “The purpose of this organization is to promote cannabis in a positive manner and to interact and share ideas with the citizens of Tennessee throughout local communities, with the ultimate goal of legalization for medical, insustrial, and personal use.”


Purpose of meeting- Goals, Progress, etc.

Meeting starts at 2:00 p.m.

Doak Speaks – Introduces Kwame Leo Lillard.

Leo Lillard speaks – Invites people to march on Dr. Martin Luther King day Monday the 20th, discuss presenting a different way of introducting legalization to those who don’t advocate it, idea for cards to be made informing people of their rights (4th amendment)

Rep.Harold Love speaks – Discusses decriminilization of marijuana, 46 million spent on prison systems for marijuana use

Bernie Ellis speaks – HB 1385 has been filed, contact Sherry Jones. … Continue reading

Bernie Ellis at Legislative Plaza

Bernie will be visiting the offices of our Legislature today promoting the “Safe Access to Medical Cannabis Act” bill that Rep. Sherry Jones is sponsoring. The bill will be renamed shortly so please check back on that story.

From our Board Member Len Armstrong

My name is Len Armstrong, I am 56 years of age, and I am a father of four sons, and grandfather to 9. I reside in East Tennessee near Knoxville.

I am a retired iron worker with disabilities resulting from injuries to my lumbar and cervical spine, and ulnar and radial nerve damage which are the result of two separate job accidents spanning a 30 year career. I am also dealing with skin cancer and prostate issues.

Despite these physical issues, and the pain and discomfort associated with them, I have not allowed it to slow me down too much in my efforts to work with others for a collective well-structured effort for legislative change that would legally permit the use of medical cannabis in the state of Tennessee.

I have been an activist for medical cannabis reform since 2002. My activism began as simply as a letter writing campaign… Continue reading

Getting Ready To Visit The Legislature, Jan 2014?

NORMLTN Oct. 6, 2013 Meeting Notes.

The monthly meeting of NORMLTN at the Sunset Grill,  2001 Belcourt Ave, Nashville TN 37212 was well attended with a crisp agenda and several notable speakers.

NORMLTN President Doak Turner spoke about an initiative to lower the priority of pot busts in Nashville, Francis updated the audience about the success of our Facebook page likes, Colleen spoke on an industrial hemp progress towards the legislature, Alex spoke on plans to have a NORMLTN benefit concert, Bernie spoke on parts of Tennessee’s medical marijuana bill being successfully utilized by several states and the country of Uruguay. John spoke on NORMLTN’s upcoming meeting with MMJ bill sponsor, Legislator Sherry Jones. Katrina spoke on working with a TN doctor’s cannabis advocacy education efforts.

These are exciting days for NORMLTN and we need your help in convincing all Tennessee State Senators that it’s… Continue reading

Paul Kuhn speaks on legalizing marijuana

“I have been a proponent of legalizing and taxing marijuana as long as I have enjoyed using marijuana which (I began) more than 40 years ago,” Paul Kuhn told the Nashville Kiwanis Club. He made a strong case, particularly for using marijuana as medicine.  He says, “We have wasted tax dollars, ruined lives and foregone revenue we would have gotten if marijuana were regulated and taxed.

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