Bringing the MMJ Vote to Florida

Bringing the MMJ Vote to Florida


THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, August 20, 2014……….

Orlando trial lawyer John Morgan is spearheading a move to pass a constitutional amendment that would legalize medical marijuana in the state, putting millions of dollars of his own money and his considerable public-speaking skills behind it. He’s also backing an employee of his law firm — former Gov. Charlie Crist — in a bid to unseat Gov. Rick Scott in November.

Meanwhile, Morgan continues to expand the law firm he founded in 1988, taking the slogan “for the people” and vowing never to take a case representing an insurance carrier or a large company. Morgan and Morgan has 26 offices and 260 lawyers; its founder has made a fortune in personal-injury litigation and written a book on how he did it.

Morgan graduated from the University of Florida, where… Continue reading

Drug Warriors Try but Fail to Show That Marijuana Legalization Has Been a Disaster in Colorado

A budtender at the Medicine Man in Denver

A budtender at the Medicine Man in Denver

Jacob Sullum|Aug. 15, 2014 3:17 pm

A new report from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (RMHIDTA) gathers together all the horrible things that have happened in Colorado since the state began loosening its marijuana laws in 2001. The result falls short of the terrifying effect the authors presumably were hoping to achieve.

The introduction presents the report as an objective attempt to “document the impact of the legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational use in Colorado,” with an eye toward informing the “ongoing debate in this country concerning the impact of legalizing marijuana.” Given the provenance of the report (a government agency that would not exist without drug prohibition), readers may be skeptical of this just-the-facts pose. It becomes increasingly risible as you wade through the document, which considers only bad effects of legalization, down to the uniformly… Continue reading

Santa Fe Voters To Decide On Reducing Marijuana Penalties

Santa Fe Voters To Decide On Reducing Marijuana Penalties

Santa Fe Voters To Decide On Reducing Marijuana Penalties

Santa Fe-  Today the city of Santa Fe’s City Clerk announced that the Reducing Marijuana Penalties Campaign submitted enough valid signatures to qualify for the city’s citizen initiative process setting the stage to give voters in Santa Fe a vote on reducing marijuana penalties.

The Reducing Marijuana Penalties Campaign headed by Drug Policy Action and ProgressNow NM, submitted close to 11,000 signatures in 52 days, more than twice the number needed to qualify for the ballot. The initiative now goes before the City Council where the governing body has two options, vote for the ordinance change outright or send the initiative to the people for a vote. Not only will this be the first time in history that New Mexican’s will vote on reforming marijuana laws, it is the first time that the people of Santa Fe brought forth an… Continue reading

United For Care Bus in Florida

What a great way to advertise the upcoming election in Florida. It will be the first southern state for medical! This election in November will make great strides toward removing cannabis prohibition.


Vote Yes On Medical Marijuana

WPost: Share of arrests for marijuana possession has more than tripled since 1991

Possession arrests have tripled since 1991

Possession arrests have tripled since 1991

Hello all,

For anyone with a long enough memory and experience with the Washington Post and cannabis prohibition, the newspaper’s slow evolution (started soon after the death of publisher Katherine Graham in 2001 and was accelerated by change of editor in 2006) from prohibition lapdog to critic, has to recognize this editorial/content change as another major ‘tea leaf’ of once prohibition-friendly institutions no longer uncritically kowtowing to the govt and their agencies anymore in regards to cannabis:

Today, some editors and writers @ WPost are parroting the same arguments NORML and other reform groups have been championing for years, and putting up credible and verifiable information that behooves reformers…and I say: ‘Welcome to the club. The more, the merrier. The faster cannabis prohibition falls in total!’




Marc Emery “Prince of Pot” leaving US Prison

Marc Emery leaving prison.

Marc Emery leaving prison.

Marc Emery, ‘prince of pot,’ arrives in Windsor, Ont. B.C.-based marijuana activist will get ‘right back to work,’ says his wife, Jodie Emery

CBC News Posted: Aug 12, 2014 8:25 AM ET Last Updated: Aug 12, 2014 9:31 PM ET

Marc Emery speaks today after leaving U.S. prison 2:56

EXCLUSIVE Marc Emery speaks to CBC 3:33

Marc Emery, the self-proclaimed “prince of pot,” has arrived in Windsor, Ont., after his release from a U.S. prison.

Emery couldn’t have planned it better. He stepped onto Canadian soil right around 4:20 p.m. (420 is code for the use of marijuana). Speaking at Windsor’s City Hall Plaza, he thanked his supporters and took questions from reporters.

Emery was handed a five-year sentence in the U.S. for selling marijuana seeds to American clients from his Vancouver-based company, Cannabis Culture. After spending just over four years behind bars, he was released… Continue reading

Poll: Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Private Consumption Of Cannabis Should Be Legal

Poll: Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Private Consumption Of Cannabis Should Be Legal

Poll: Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Private Consumption Of Cannabis Should Be Legal

Poll: Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Private Consumption Of Cannabis Should Be Legal
by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director
August 13, 2014

Sixty-six percent of Americans believe that adults ought to legally be able to consume cannabis in the privacy of one’s own home, according to results of a nationwide HuffingtonPost/YouGov survey released late last week.

Seventy-two percent of self-identified Democrats and 70 percent of Independents said that the private consumption of cannabis should be legal. Republican respondents endorsed private consumption by a margin of 50 percent to 39 percent.

Fifty-five percent of respondents – including 62 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of Independents – also said that they supported statewide laws seeking to tax and regulate the commercial production and retail sale of cannabis to adults, such as those recently enacted in Colorado and Washington. By contrast,… Continue reading

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