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Colorado aims to produce more legal pot

Colorado aims to produce more legal pot

Colorado aims to produce more legal pot

Katie Kuntz, Rocky Mountain PBS I-News

8:39 p.m. EDT August 12, 2014

Seven months after Colorado legalized recreational pot, the state has an unexpected problem. It needs to grow more.

Because even though sales have surged, only about 60% of the marijuana sold is the legal variety. The rest is either illegal or grown unregulated in the so-called gray market, where unlicensed citizens can grow for their own use.

Colorado residents and visitors will consume an estimated 287,000 pounds of marijuana in 2014, but only about 170,000 pounds will come from legal medical or recreational outlets, according to a report commissioned by the state Marijuana Enforcement Division.

The rest, about 118,000 pounds, or 41%, is expected to be produced by people who can legally grow up to six pot plants for personal consumption, registered caregivers who provide marijuana to medical patients, and black… Continue reading

More Than 100 Banks, Credit Unions Serving Pot Businesses: Feds


More Than 100 Banks, Credit Unions Serving Pot Businesses: Feds
by Kevin Wack

AUG 11, 2014 10:00pm ET
(Brett adds – The full prepared statement of FinCEN Director Jennifer Shasky Calvery is online @

There are 105 U.S. financial institutions providing banking services to marijuana dispensaries and other pot businesses, a top federal official is expected to reveal in a speech Tuesday.

The speech provides the most detailed look yet at the impact of marijuana guidance the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network issued to banks and credit unions in February, though it’s unlikely to resolve the lingering doubts that many banks still have.

Marijuana shops, which generate large amounts of cash and can be targets of thieves, have been lobbying for more access to the mainstream financial system. The guidelines were meant to encourage financial institutions to do business with the industry provided they met certain criteria, and… Continue reading

Getting Ready To Visit The Legislature, Jan 2014?

NORMLTN Oct. 6, 2013 Meeting Notes.

The monthly meeting of NORMLTN at the Sunset Grill,  2001 Belcourt Ave, Nashville TN 37212 was well attended with a crisp agenda and several notable speakers.

NORMLTN President Doak Turner spoke about an initiative to lower the priority of pot busts in Nashville, Francis updated the audience about the success of our Facebook page likes, Colleen spoke on an industrial hemp progress towards the legislature, Alex spoke on plans to have a NORMLTN benefit concert, Bernie spoke on parts of Tennessee’s medical marijuana bill being successfully utilized by several states and the country of Uruguay. John spoke on NORMLTN’s upcoming meeting with MMJ bill sponsor, Legislator Sherry Jones. Katrina spoke on working with a TN doctor’s cannabis advocacy education efforts.

These are exciting days for NORMLTN and we need your help in convincing all Tennessee State Senators that it’s… Continue reading

US Attorney General Calls To Cut Federal Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences

Attny Gen Holder

Overcrowded prisons, racial disparities and social and economic burdens are some reasons US Attorney General Eric Holder called for changes in the Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences that have landed hundreds of thousands of non violent drug users in jail. Read more about it here. 


Why CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Changed His Mind About Marijuana




People have been happily sharing the news that CNN’s Top Medical Correspondent produced a recent documentary that’s positive

about Marijuana. Read about why he changed his mind here.  PS. Please share this article with your TN State Legislators. People locked up in TN prisons for marijuana use will be glad you did.


Should Grandma Smoke Pot?

platinum gifts

At our last June NORMLTN monthly meeting, we learned about an excellent program and movement called “The Silver Tour.”

It teaches seniors about the benefits of medical cannabis. It includes a video called “Should Grandma Smoke Pot” which makes numerous points about why and how to lobby for change.

Take a look  at the link, scroll down to the video and enjoy. Please share it with as many people as you can, it’s also available on Youtube and builds a solid, logical case to help us convince TN legislators that it’s time to change the laws.

A simple way to do it, is search this site for your representative’s email and send the link with a short note that states you’re in their district and why you think this is important to look at this and change the law.

We’re making progress but every letter and email we send… Continue reading

Current 2013 legislative session the busiest in recent memory.


It is not hyperbole to state that the 2013 legislative session has been the busiest in recent memory for marijuana law reform legislation. Below is a brief summary of some of the more significant statewide reform bills that have: a) been enacted into law, b) are awaiting final passage from the Governor’s office, or c) are pending floor votes within the coming days.

A full summary of pending state and federal reform measures is available at:


Colorado – HB 1317, HB 1318 Summary: Establishes regulations regarding the commercial production and retail sales of cannabis to those over age 21; proposes excise tax and sales tax rates for commercial production and retail sales of cannabis; tax rates must be approved by voters Status: Both measures signed into law on May 28

Kentucky – SB 50 Summary: Encourages state-sponsored hemp research; establishes regulations regarding the licensed… Continue reading

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