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High Times – 40 Years

High Times is 40 years old.

High Times is 40 years old.

By Niraj Chokshi September 1 at 6:49 PM

Go ahead, get the jokes out of your system. The staff of High Times, the counterculture drug magazine, has heard them all before.

For 40 years, they’ve put up with stoner quips and stereotypes. “People have this idea that we sit around and get high all day,” says Danny Danko, the magazine’s senior cultivation editor and author of its field guide to marijuana strains.
But as High Times celebrates its 40th anniversary with a special November issue that comes out Tuesday and is the largest in its history, the laughs are fewer and further between.

What started as an experiment by a mercurial provocateur and underground publisher has blossomed into an established brand, offering everything from licensing partnerships and an ever-expanding domestic events business to a just-launched private- equity fund. Along the way, something else changed:… Continue reading

Dylan and the Beatles Make Marijuana History, 50 Years Ago


Dylan and the Beatles Make Marijuana History, 50 Years Ago

Dylan and the Beatles Make Marijuana History, 50 Years Ago


CANNABIS CULTURE – Today marks the 50th anniversary of an important event in marijuana and musical history. It was the date, in 1964, when Bob Dylan reportedly turned the Beatles on to weed at the Delmonico hotel in New York City.

In their early days in Hamburg, the Beatles were expected to play four and a half hours each night, and six hours on the weekend. Club owners freely dispensed Preludin, an amphetamine marketed legally as a diet pill, to their musicians. George wrote to a friend of “eating Prellie sandwiches” and John washed copious amounts down with alcohol. Paul was cautious about them and only then-drummer Pete Best abstained altogether.

The Beatles came to America in 1964, and New York Post columnist Al Aronowitz took Dylan to meet them at the Delmonico. When offered Drinamyls and Preludins,… Continue reading

Nashville June 6 Film: Drug War 2 – Invite Your Legislators!


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American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny

Presented by Cannabis Science (CBIS)

Thursday, June 06 7:30pm – 9:25pm

in Nashville, TN at Carmike Bellevue 8 $12.00 General

Deadline: May 30
08days 18h 26m 20s
PENDING This event will only happen if 75 more people reserve a ticket.

The Event Program

  • Movie presentation of American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny

    Director Kevin Booth navigates through the cutting edge of Cannabis research while becoming a foster parent to a child court ordered to take powerful mind altering drugs. After surviving brain surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, a 2-year-old boy lay in a coma not eating for… Continue reading

“Marijuana Finally Legalized” Should Be The Headline

Reprinted with permission by Caz Loth.

“Marijuana finally legalized,” is the headline that should be appearing on the front page of newspapers across the country instead of, “The biggest bust in the county,” or “$100K seized in pot bust.” One of the most diversely useful plants on the planet has been co-opted by governments to make money. That’s the simple explanation. Its one more lesson in control when free beings can be told how to self medicate by a power that is out mostly for its own good and often to the detriment of its citizens. How we have allowed a small group of individuals, police, lawyers, judges, correctional facilities and drug dealers to monopolize the benefits of this extremely valuable plant through prohibition is hard to understand.

No government should be able to regulate what plants the citizens of the planet use. All the plants on the planet were… Continue reading

MTSU Drug War Education Film/Panel A Success!

Thanks to NORMLTN Student Education Committee Chair Alex and Young Americans For Liberty, MTSU had a record turn out for the drug war education film, Breaking The Taboo, on April 18th of this year.

Approximately 50 students and others attended the film and panel discussion “I was impressed with the turnout,” said NORMLTN Committee Chair and MTSU  pre-law student Alex. ” I feel confident in brining this film and others to other universities in Middle TN as we push together to reform marijuana laws in this state.”

Thanks also go to panel members, NORMLTN President, Attorney Doak Patton, Nashville Attorney Andrew L. and Rutherford County Public Defender Gerald Melton.

This outreach effort to educate the public at universities, churches, civic groups and in the TN Legislature is a result of the growing interest and support in NORMLTN’s mission to change marijuana laws in TN.

Our public meetings are held… Continue reading

Educate, Communicate, Celebrate and Liberate on 4/20/13

Help Wanted: Change TN Marijuana Laws: Educate, Communicate and Liberate  the State of Tennessee from Harsh and Unfair Laws!

Help Wanted: Change TN Marijuana Laws: Educate, Communicate and Liberate the State of Tennessee from Harsh and Unfair Marijuana Laws on 4/20/13!



Invites you to

Help us Educate and Celebrate 4/20

on Marijuana Education Day

 4/20/13 from 4:20 p.m. to 1 a.m.

 The East Side Performance Artist’s Co-op,

107 N 11th St., Nashville, TN 37206

(615) 596-7257

Panel Discussion, Educational Materials, Poetry, Comedy & Music. 

This is a FREE EVENT! Bring Friends and Family!

Come Learn: What illness can marijuana help? How long has it been used by man?

Can you overdose on marijuana like pharmaceuticals?  How are medical marijuana friendly states addressing regulation and arrests?

“Marijuana is the third most popular recreational drug in America (behind only alcohol and tobacco), and has been used by nearly 100 million Americans… despite harsh laws against its use. Our public policies should reflect this reality, not… Continue reading

How Would You Celebrate 4/20?

How would you celebrate 4/20? That was the topic  at the NORMLTN weekly core meeting on Sunday February 24, 2013 at Nashville’s Sunset Grill as numerous ideas came forth from NORML activists very excited about the idea. The idea of using East Nashville’s Performance Artist Co-op with comedians, bands, and poets to celebrate the date, and mix in an educational component with the festivities peppered our discussion over the tables at the Sunset Grill. We hope you’ll advance the topic at our next meeting, Sunday March 3, 2013 at the same place, The Sunset Grill in Nashville at 2 p.m.Sunset Grill Inside

We also heard from Scott who met Rep. Sherry Jones about lobbying in the TN Legislature. Scott reports Jones, a medical marijuana advocate, said personal, handwritten letters will actually make it to the legislators’ desks. Kudos to Carla, who got us started on the process during the… Continue reading