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Republicans in Florida introduce bill to legalize medical marijuana

Mary Ellen Klas, Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau

Thursday, January 9, 2014 7:39pm

TALLAHASSEE — Hope came Thursday for families whose children suffer from epileptic seizures, as the chairman of a key legislative committee agreed to file a bill to legalize the medical use of marijuana that has a high content of the chemical compound cannabidiol.

“Our work is only beginning,” said Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Shalimar, after the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee heard testimony for nearly two hours from parents of children from Miami, Weston, Tampa, Pensacola and even Colorado.

The families pleaded with lawmakers to legalize strains of marijuana such as “Charlotte’s Web” saying it is their last, best hope of relieving the uncontrollable seizures in their medically fragile children. The strain is high in cannabidiol or CBD, the ingredient that controls seizures, but is low in tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, the compound that creates a high.

They spoke of the anecdotal evidence… Continue reading

US Attorney General Calls To Cut Federal Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences

Attny Gen Holder

Overcrowded prisons, racial disparities and social and economic burdens are some reasons US Attorney General Eric Holder called for changes in the Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences that have landed hundreds of thousands of non violent drug users in jail. Read more about it here. 


Why CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta Changed His Mind About Marijuana




People have been happily sharing the news that CNN’s Top Medical Correspondent produced a recent documentary that’s positive

about Marijuana. Read about why he changed his mind here.  PS. Please share this article with your TN State Legislators. People locked up in TN prisons for marijuana use will be glad you did.


A Cry For Help


Man Writing LetterI am writing on behalf of Seth Green’s Petition in East Tn. People are working very hard to get Medical Marijuana Legalized in Tn. from our side of the state. It would help VERY much if you all could help us out. Myself I have Crohn’s & getting my Cannabis off the street & would LOVE to get it Legally, because without the Cannabis I can’t eat don’t feel like doing anything. It is amazing what a difference it makes in so many people’s lives. IF there is any way you can help us out we would be VERY grateful.!~!~!~! Thank You for taking the time to read this.!~!~!~!~!~!~!


Dear Rita,

You are not alone.  Many people across the State of Tennessee are in the same position.  We need to band together to solve this problem. One of the most effective things you can… Continue reading

Nashville June 6 Film: Drug War 2 – Invite Your Legislators!


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Spread the word about this event to help make it happen.

American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny

Presented by Cannabis Science (CBIS)

Thursday, June 06 7:30pm – 9:25pm

in Nashville, TN at Carmike Bellevue 8 $12.00 General

Deadline: May 30
08days 18h 26m 20s
PENDING This event will only happen if 75 more people reserve a ticket.

The Event Program

  • Movie presentation of American Drug War 2: Cannabis Destiny

    Director Kevin Booth navigates through the cutting edge of Cannabis research while becoming a foster parent to a child court ordered to take powerful mind altering drugs. After surviving brain surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, a 2-year-old boy lay in a coma not eating for… Continue reading

On Mother’s Day, 2013, A Marijuana Mom Goes to Jail

Nashville, TN – The original U.S. Mothers’ Day was an 1870 protest against injustice and war.
The U.S. has more people in prison than any country in the world because of an unjust U.S. Drug War – which includes arrests for medical marijuana in TN.

This Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12th, mother, midwife, college instructor and grandmother Marilyn Green will be ” kidnapped” by the state of TN and forced into prison for growing medical marijuana that her husband Gerry has used for degenerative disc and back pain from an accident.

Show your support for Marilyn Greene Campbell on Facebook. She also has a Save The Campbell’s FB site where you can sign a petition on her behalf . You can also reach her directly at, or  615-848-5557.

To strengthen our campaign, please visit our monthly meetings and start talking to non-pot smokers and legislators alike about… Continue reading

Hamilton County TN Grand Jury Recommends Legalizing Pot

court-says-no-to-dispensary-bans-thumb-325x325CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) – Legalizing marijuana is always a hot topic and for the first time in history, national research shows the majority of people in favor of it.

The Hamilton County Grand Jury for the first quarter of the year just concluded. After hearing more than 600 cases, they submitted recommendations to Judge Rebecca Stern, that they think would improve the county’s criminal justice system.

That’s standard procedure, but there’s one recommendation that’s getting a lot of attention and it has to do with legalizing certain amounts of marijuana.

Tennessee is one of 26 states that makes no exception to marijuana; medical or recreational, it’s against the law.

“I don’t think it should be legalized because our people are acting foolish enough right about now, so just adding it to make it legal, everybody would be trying to get it then and we don’t need it,” Chattanooga resident Kathryn… Continue reading