Cannon County couple plead guilty to pot operation

Written by Alex Harris

The Tennessean

A married Cannon County couple pleaded guilty to two counts of marijuana production and distribution in federal court in Nashville on Tuesday, more than three years after their arrest.

Gerry Campbell, 54, and Marilyn Greene, 62, of Liberty, Tenn., pleaded guilty to one count of possession of marijuana plants with intent to distribute and one count of conspiracy to possess and distribute marijuana. They made their pleas to Federal District Court Judge Todd Campbell without any agreement for leniency from the government.

On Aug. 17, 2009, Greene sold 2 ounces of marijuana to a confidential informant, according to DEA Special Agent James West, who testified in court. This sale was then used to obtain a search warrant for their home on Boney Ridge Road, where law enforcement officers discovered 8.7 pounds of processed marijuana, drug paraphernalia, a loaded rifle, a pistol and a hydroponic grow operation of 273 plants in their basement.

“My husband and I grew marijuana, so I guess we were a conspiracy,” Greene said in court. She also said that she takes blood pressure medication, as well as medication for back pain and her thyroid, and explained that although they had sold some marijuana on the side, they mostly gave it away to others.

Possession of the weapons is not a crime, and neither defendant was charged.

The couple has been free under their own recognizance since being indicted by a federal grand jury on Aug. 29, 2010.

Both face a mandatory minimum sentence of at least five and up to 40 years in prison, as well as a maximum fine of up to $5 million and supervised release of at least four years after prison, Campbell said.

Their sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 4.

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  • A travesty of Justest ,,,End The Federal war on medical marijuana. It became law with 100% lies…..

  • Such a shame that a “much needed” healing plant can be legal in many states and yet will put you in prison in Tennessee if you are caught with it. I say make this healing plant available to all those who suffer disabilities. Marijuana doesn’t kill your body. Prescription meds do.

  • I believe that many of the pharmaceutical companies are behind the groups that are against legalization of marijuana in this company. They know that legalization will cost them millions of dollars in lost revenues from harder prescription drugs such as OxyContin, morphine, per assets, etc. Many people would use cannabis mainly because of the lesser addiction rates. Maybe some day the politicians will wise up and promote legislation for the legalization of marijuana. Use the tax money to fight real crime such as meth use, terrorism, domestic abuse, etc. Prohibition of medicinal cannabis hurts everyone, let us provide jobs and promote this medication rather than just give the cartels millions of dollars on a platter and dare them to bring more into this country. If cannabis was legal the cartels wouldn’t have anything to do with smuggling because there would not be any money in it for them. LEGALIZE medicinal marijuana NOW.

  • Correction last word first paragraph is country not company. Sorry about that but you get my drift.

  • I completely agree with Jim

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