Cannabis Facts 2014


The newest version of “CANNABIS FACTS” is now available on our website, thanks to Tennessee NORML and National NORML Board member Paul Kuhn.

CLICK ON THIS LINK or the “Cannabis Facts” button at the top of this page:

It is the easiest way to educate yourself and others on the issues we all care about.  Please take time to study it, download it, print it out, share it with your doctor and others.

2 Responses to Cannabis Facts 2014

  • Great stuff, Scott. Thanks.

  • Wonderful resource. I had the occasion to go to CO on business. Got to experience the wonder of legalized recreational pot. Went to Kindman Disp in Denver. Wow!!It was so professionally done. In warehouse district, but very clean. Guard (no gun) at the door checking ID’s very carefully. Groups (3 persons max) allowed in or about 10 persons at once. Counters with handy guides for quality, and strain information. Edibles, candy, bulk, packaged, pre-rolled, vape ready, etc. Got a few cookies, and a few pre-rolled. Every item was packaged with batch number, variety, quality code-connisseur (sp?), top shelf, better, good. As a consumer, I was impressed with the process-felt very safe. I have seen what TN and most of America is missing. Tax revenue going up each month and CO will have nice fund levels for supplementing schools, roads, etc. I did not see 1) Crackheads 2) bums 3) ‘dope’ addicts or any other ‘unsavory’ characters hanging around. I saw guys, gals, and couples coming in to enjoy shopping on a Saturday morning.

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