Cannabis Education at Cancer Runs

Cheyenne Weldon, a presenter at the SE NORML Conference in Nashville last December, shows a t-shirt her chapter designed (see photos) for participants at a Texas Cancer run. Weldon’s creation is a good example of opportunities we as users, activists and educators can explore as agents of change. To reform harsh marijuana laws and share the positive benefits of cannabis, educating non-pot smokers is vital to the movement.

I was impressed with the idea of choosing cancer runs (which nobody would oppose) as a vehicle to enlighten others.  The front of the shirt says, “Team Hope Through Cannabis”, and the back of the  shirt says, “THC Hope for…

Alzheimer’s Disease
Chronic Pain
Cerebral Palsy
1Cheyenne-Shirt-BackCystic Fibrosis
Glaucoma, HIV/AIDS
Lou Gerhig’s Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Muscular Dystrophy
Narcotic Dependency
Parkinson’s Disease
Sleep Disorders
Tourette’s Syndrome


Pretty amazing to realize how many things it’s good for. While the average user might say, “I knew that,” it’s important to target non-pot smokers  unaware of its benefits and the harshness of the law. To see more of their cannabis education work in Texas that you might be able to use in your area, please click here. I’d love to see more of those t-shirts in public and in front of decision makers.

Weldon came to the SE NORML conference with legislative packets filled with facts, statistics and examples of how legalization and regulation can help control under age use, lower prison overcrowding, etc. I hope we can get that information up on this site for you soon.

Our work is to spread the word and represent ourselves as decent, tax-paying citizens willing to politely educate others. It’s time for reasonable laws and policies instead of harmful and counterproductive mandates from another era.



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  • Great Post Scott! Love the new design of the website too. Keep up the great work!

  • Thanks Kevin, we appreciate the positive feedback.

    This is Bamboo replying for Scott. New blog coming up on the National Phone Conference Call with DC NORML on Wed 1/9/13.

    Also come join us this Sunday Jan 13 at Sunset Grill in Nashville, 2 p.m. for the FREE monthly TN NORML meeting if you can.

    Our numbers and ideas are growing; new folks definitely welcome as we develop our legislative and public campaigns by conversation and education.

    Let us talk freely about changing the law!

    – B

  • If they would legalize marijuana in this country it would not only help people with all kinds of diseases but it would also get this country out of this 17 trillion dollar debt

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